Personal Injury Claim Lawyer Uncovers Apps for the Disabled

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Nowadays, rare is the person who’ll stray too far from home without some electronic device or other. Whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or even glasses and watches, the twenty-first century is one of technological connectivity. But, after a personal injury, the keys on your computer can feel a lot smaller, the print on your phone’s screen a lot finer. Apps that you previously used on an hourly basis can become difficult to use at all. Thankfully, there are designers and coders out in Silicon Valley who have accessibility in mind. If you’re waiting for an appointment with a personal injury claim lawyer, there are a few accessibility apps you might want to try.


Best Apps after a Personal Injury

  • Audible
    • Avid readers with vision problems as a result of their injury have a saviour in Audible. The app is an audiobook database that easily lets you download from a selection of thousands of books spoken aloud by compelling narrators.
  • Cozi Family Organizer
    • Whether your symptoms are physical or mental, keeping your family’s chores organized after an injury can be nigh impossible. This app lets you share shopping lists, calendars, to do lists, and more, with an easy-to-understand interface.
  • Dragon Dictation
    • Texting and emailing are modern necessities, but if you have trouble with your phone’s keys, Dragon’s large interface and straightforward functionality allow you to speak and have your messages automatically transcribed. The app uses voice recognition to provide even more accurate results.


As a personal injury claim lawyer can tell you, life doesn’t have to be harder after your injury. These apps are only the beginning; contact a personal injury claim lawyer to find out how else to improve your quality of life after a severe injury.