Receiving Car Accident Benefits after a Car Accident is Caused by Rubbernecking

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When you’re driving along the highway and congested traffic builds up on the roads, billboards, flashy cars, scenery, and other accidents become the entertainment on your drive. Driving requires patience and concentration, but these virtues are hard to find in today’s 5-second- attention-span generation. There’s a name for this stargazing, neck-turning behaviour—and it’s not a scientific one. The name is rubbernecking, and this might sound like a silly name, but it’s a behaviour that has serious consequences on the roads.


What is Rubbernecking?  


Rubbernecking is a dangerous response that many drivers have when they are driving past different billboards, signs, scenery, people, etc. and can create traffic congestion or accidents. Rubbernecking due to another car accident on the road causes 16% of all motor vehicle accidents. This is a high percentage and proves that we need to pay more attention to the roads when driving, while keeping distractions in our peripheral vision.


Tips to Avoid Rubbernecking


So if rubbernecking is simply a human response—how can you avoid it? Your duty as a driver is to focus on the road in front of you, protecting yourself and other drivers on the road. When you see an accident in front of you, do your best to keep focused on the road ahead. If every car slows down to gaze at the horrific scene, the traffic will become even more congested. People are less likely to pay attention to other vehicles in this situation, and this is when car accidents occur. However, car accident benefits are available to you if another driver causes the accident.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


If a car accident occurs because of rubbernecking, and your car is involved, a Toronto personal injury lawyer will work with you to help you receive car accident benefits. Car accident benefits are available to you after a motor vehicle accident occurs, and a Toronto personal injury lawyer will let you know what you are eligible to receive. Contact a lawyer at Sokoloff for your free consultation today.