Serious Injury Attorneys can Help After a Car Rally Accident

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With cars’ ubiquity, it’s easy to forget what they’re really capable of. Cars are seriously powerful pieces of machinery that let the operator fly to hundreds of kilometers per hour by simply flexing their ankle. In other words, cars aren’t toys. Unfortunately, teenagers across the province aren’t as cognizant of this point, leading law enforcement officials and serious injury attorneys to take notice.


Car Rallies


In recent years, with the rise of social media, illicit games like car rallies have grown in popularity amongst high school-aged children. A car rally is a scavenger hunt-style race in which teams amass in either their own or their parents’ cars and compete to finish the various trials, filming their results and posting them online. The events in the scavenger hunt often include dangerous behaviour like theft, speeding, and damage to property.


Injury Risk


Aside from the obvious legal issues that car rallies pose, they also present a high risk of severe car accident injuries (as serious injury attorneys know). Law enforcement authorities are unforgiving when it comes to car rallies, usually implementing a Zero Tolerance strategy. For serious injury attorneys, a child injured during the course of a car rally may be in dire straits, as they were in direct contravention of the law.




For parents, the best thing you can do is to be careful with your child when lending the car. Soon after they get their license, talk to them about responsible driving and the dangers that the road can present if you aren’t careful. Further, if you yourself were injured by the collateral damage of a car rally, serious injury attorneys can help. Contact a Toronto personal injury law firm today for your free consultation.



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2 years ago
Are there any other safety precautions you can provide for my new young driver? I don't want to end up needing a personal injury lawyer for a car rally accident!