Three Ways to Prevent Automobile Accidents This Fall

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Three Ways to Prevent Automobile Accidents This Fall
We might as well admit it: fall is just around the corner. Although, it’s hard to think of it that way when August has experienced some of the hottest, driest days of the season, we’re reminded of it every time we step into a store and find the Back to School section staring right at us. Even Halloween decorations and candy are starting to pop up at pharmacies. 

As September draws closer and closer, there are certain things about this time of year that we should be weary of the next time we take a drive. To have a safe trip, here are three ways to prevent automobile accidents this autumn.

#1: Beware: It’s Back to School and Children Are Everywhere!

Soaring real estate prices have contributed to the increasing number of children growing up in condos throughout the city. With the rise of a younger population, urban infrastructure is adapting to city’s changing dynamic. School buses are no longer symbols of suburbia. Come September, fleets of yellow buses will be out in full force picking up and dropping off hordes of young scholars around Toronto. While kids are taught at a very young age to look both ways before crossing the street, the impetus is on us, the drivers, to be extra vigilant when driving through school zones and behind or in front of school buses. Soccer balls and Frisbees tend to make their way onto the streets; kids get rowdy and rambunctious on the sidewalks and tend to be unaware of their surroundings. The last thing we want to happen this September is a horrible accident that could have been prevented.
To avoid a tragic automobile accident, just remember that the speed limit when driving through a school zone is reduced to 40 km/h. If you’re coming home from work, pay attention to sidewalks and driveways as children tend to play outside when they get home from school.

#2: Adjust Accordingly: The Weather is Going Through Changes

In Ontario, our equinox seasons come and go in a flash. Our autumns are quick and mighty and are accompanied by long bouts of rain, shorter days, blustery winds, and the end of Daylight Savings Time.

In 2014, there were 242 more automobile accidents in September than there were in August and 287 more in October than there were in September. As the weather progresses deeper into fall, remember to adjust your driving accordingly. 

The climate of southern Ontario is capable of producing a vast array of weather conditions such as heavy thundershowers, hail, and even tornadoes. If the weather is showing to be less than ideal, plan to stay home or be extra cautious when driving and ensure that your windshield wipers are in working order.

#3: College Parties Are Fun Until Someone Gets Hurt

No matter how hard your collegiate child tries to convince you that he or she isn’t going to fall down the rabbit hole of binge drinking and late-night partying, you’d have to be pretty naive to believe them completely. Even if your child is the most responsible young adult you know and is serious about his or her education, just expect that some partying will occur. University is challenging and stressful, and young adults are always looking for ways to unwind. We’re so blessed to have the means to find a safe ride home right at our fingertips. Getting an Uber or taxi to take us home after a night of heavy drinking is not only safe and easy, but it’s the responsible thing to do. If you’re the designated driver, or you’re driving late on the weekends, be weary of signs of drunk driving, as not everyone is as responsible as you.

Unfortunately, intoxicated driving is still a major cause of automobile accidents. Young drivers are still drinking or taking drugs and getting behind the wheel. If you’re a young driver, remember that not only is it illegal and irresponsible to drive while under the influence, but the laws penalizing impaired driving are getting stricter and stricter. Even with a G licence, your blood alcohol content must be at zero per cent if you’re under 21. If you’re caught with just a drop of alcohol in your system, your licence will automatically be suspended for a full day (for a list of other penalties, click here). If you think the zero alcohol limit seems a little harsh, consider that impaired driving continues to be the number one cause of automobile accidents in Ontario. 

When an Accident Strikes

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