Understanding Accident Benefits in Ontario

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The greatest benefit of Ontario’s auto insurance system (aside from the benefits themselves!) is that we work under a “no-fault” mandate. This means that, regardless of the circumstances of the accident—who was at-fault, what the conditions on the road were, which insurance companies cover the damages—all drivers are entitled to accident benefits in Ontario. While some might argue that those at-fault in an accident should be culpable for the damage they’ve caused, remember that the Ontario fault regulations are incredibly rigid, and that even the most responsible driver can end up “at-fault” for an accident they truly could not have avoided.


Understanding Accident Benefits in Ontario


Making a claim for accident benefits will not affect your auto insurance premiums, rather your premiums are only impacted by the details of the accident itself. With that in mind, you should not hesitate to file a claim for accident benefits in Ontario. They can help to cover the costs of things like:

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses including equipment, treatment, and therapy;
  • Attendant care;
  • Income replacement;
  • Lost education expenses;
  • Housekeeping expenses;
  • And more.

The key is timing, though. Accident benefits claims need to be made within seven days of the occurrence of the accident. Typically, a Toronto personal injury lawyer or your insurance claims adjuster will notify you of this and give you the proper number to call and forms to fill out. If you’re still confused about accident benefits in Ontario, contact a Toronto personal injury lawyer for a free consultation today.