Why are Automobile Accidents on the Rise?

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The rise of automobile accidents has an effect on everyone who hits the road, not only because of the physical/emotional danger presented by accidents, but on the cost of insurance and infrastructure that comes from a statistical rise in collisions. The more accidents that occur, the more traffic is slowed down, the more insurance premiums rise, and the more costs weigh down your daily commute or road trip. In short, accidents don’t benefit anyone — especially those involved.


Are automobile accidents on the rise, though?


According to the insurance company Allstate, there has been a 7.3 percent increase in car accident reporting in Canada (through 2014-2015) — which happens to exclude accidents that are settled without the involvement of insurance companies. This speaks to a definitive rise in automobile accidents, because reporting is directly tied to accident occurrences. While the overall rate of accidents is important to consider, because it constitutes a greater threat of even hitting the road, it is just as important to consider what kind of accidents are occurring that involve insurance companies and legal action.


Can automobile accidents be fatal?


Getting into a motor vehicle crash can result in multiple injuries, and in some cases, death. The severity of a car accident is based on speed, position, and quantity. How fast a car is going, where it gets hit, and how many cars are involved; influence the severity of an automobile accident. The fact of the matter is that even when car crashes aren’t fatal, they often result in some sort of injury. This means that any accident, whether big or small, is not something to be taken lightly.


The top three occurring ‘types’ of accidents, as reported by Allstate, are:


  • Rear-enders (25.17%)
  • Intersection/turning accidents (23.45%)
  • Hitting parked vehicles (13.57%)


Automobile accidents are most often curbed by paying attention to the road, and the rise in accidents has been primarily attributed to a rise in distracted driving. Drivers using their cellphones, or other electronic devices, has been linked to accidents on the road.


How does distracted driving lead to certain types of accidents?


Reading or responding to a text message while driving is essentially blindfolding yourself to the traffic around you while you choose to concentrate on your screen. Automobile accidents previously listed, such as rear-enders and hitting parked vehicles, can be directly attributed to this lack of focus and concentration. Particularly at increased speeds, not paying attention to the road prevents a driver from recognizing (and reacting to) the flow of traffic. If the reactive time for stopping is decreased, the chance of an accident rapidly increases. Engaging in screen time on the road also threatens a driver’s sense of surrounding and direction — threatening stationary objects of all kinds, whether they are walls, parked cars, or even pedestrians.


What does a rise in automobile accidents mean for the average driver?


If the potential of getting injured on the road is increased, it is imperative that legal representation exists to help people who need to handle their dealings with insurance companies and other drivers. If you are in a car accident, the last thing you want to feel is alone (legally or financially). That is why accessing legal counsel is especially important for any automobile accident. Luckily, Sokoloff is available when you need a Toronto personal injury attorney, specifically for when an auto accident turns nasty and leaves you seriously injured.


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