Tips on How to Win a Car Accident Claim

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Tips on How to Win a Car Accident Claim

How to Win a Car Accident Claim

Every day there are dozens of motor vehicle accidents on the roads. A car accident can bring your life to a screeching halt and change yours and your family’s lives forever.  If you found yourself to be one of the unlucky souls in such an event, would you know how to win a car accident claim to financially recover from the undoubtedly traumatic experience? Here are a few points on how to win a car accident claim.

Knowing What You Can Claim

A car accident can affect your life in many ways. From medical expenses to loss of income, knowing exactly what you can claim to your insurance company can help you recover faster and easier from such a negative experience.  Even if you are the at-fault driver involved in a collision, you can win your car accident claims.  Here are some things that you can claim:
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Income and Inability to Earn Income
  • Health Care Expenses in a Tort Action
  • Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Claims
  • Death and Funeral Expenses

What Benefits Are You Entitled To?

Experiencing an injury and/or loss of income as a result of a car accident can entitle you to certain benefits. Even if you were the at-fault driver, if you were injured in a motor vehicle accident you may be entitled to accident benefits that can help you recover both physically and financially. You could be qualified for the following accident benefits:
  • Weekly Benefits for Lost Income from Employment
  • Non-Earner Benefit If You Were Not Employed at the Time of the Accident
  • Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits
  • Attendant Care Benefits
  • Death and Funeral Benefits
Your benefits insurance provider will work with you to see what you are covered on as per your policy.  Consulting legal advice from a car accident lawyer before you do can ensure you receive the maximum benefits you are entitled to from your provider.

When Should You Notify Your Insurance Company?

After a motor vehicle accident, you will need to speak with your insurance provider as soon as you are medically able in order to claim your car accident benefits.  They will request the details of the accident and other information that supports your claim.  It is standard procedure for insurance providers to assign an "adjuster” to your case to ultimately determine the degree of severity of the accident and resulting calamities sustained.
It is wise to seek legal advice prior to reporting your claim to your insurance company to ensure you know your rights and what benefits you are entitled to.

When Should You Consult a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer?

Like many things in life, it is best to hire a professional if you want to win a car accident claim.  Insurance companies can make a fender-bender much more complicated and stressful for you. Seeking legal advice from a motor vehicle accident lawyer before communicating with your insurance provider is a sure way to win a car accident claim and help you receive a substantial recovery package.

How to Win a Car Insurance Claim in Toronto

If you are unable to report a motor vehicle accident within seven days, then make sure you report the accident soon after. Your insurance company might not honour your claim if you wait too long.
Make sure that you have all of the facts from the accident to give your insurance agent, broker or company representative. Here is some of the information that you need to have prepared:
  • The driver’s name and license number,
  • the location, date and time the accident took place,
  • the extent of any injuries,
  • the number of passengers involved in the accident,
  • the extent of the damage done to your vehicle,
  • the description of the accident, and;
  • the name and badge number of the police officer investigating, if you reported the accident to the police
You should also be aware of the Ontario Automobile Policy (OAP) as it provides details about your insurance coverage, responsibilities and rights under the contract.

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Tips on How to Win a Car Accident Claim

How to Win a Car Accident Claim


To win a car accident claim, procedures need to be followed in a timely manner. A motor vehicle accident lawyer will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that you are not missing anything that is required to file your claims.


Do Police Charges or Convictions Affect The Insurance Company’s Decision?


If the police charge you for an offense, this does not mean that you will be found at fault for insurance purposes. Vice versa, if the police haven’t filed any charges against you, this doesn’t mean that the insurance companies will not find one or more drivers at fault.


An example of this is if a vehicle slips on ice and is unable to stop and rear-ends another car. The police would say that the drivers are not at fault in this situation, although the insurance companies may disagree. The insurer would claim that the car that rear-ended the other vehicle is at fault in this situation.  It always depends on the scenario, as the Fault Determination Rules will not apply in certain cases.


Hiring a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer


When asking “how to win a car accident claim?”, the best solution is to hire a motor vehicle accident lawyer, as they are the experts. It is always best to hire an expert in any situation, as they have experience dealing with a variety of cases and outcomes. It’s good to ask for references from friends to find a lawyer that best suits your personal needs. Lawyers usually have free consultations, so you are able to meet, talk and ask any pressing questions that come to mind. A lawyer will be willing to help you in any way they can and will help you take the best course of action.



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