How Long Term Disability Attorneys Can Help Your LTD Claim

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How Long Term Disability Attorneys Can Help Your LTD Claim

If you’re one of the one in seven Ontarians living with a severe illness or disability that prevents you from working, it’s important to be informed about how Long Term Disability (LTD) benefits work and how long-term disability attorneys can help your benefit claim.

About Long Term Disability Coverage

Many people don’t know much about their LTD or short term disability coverage until they need them. Both are usually bundled together in work or private insurance. The illnesses covered may vary from policy to policy, so, if you and a loved one have insurance through different employers, you may not have the same coverage as your spouse or other family members.
Under most plans, you must prove that you are "totally disabled” before you can collect LTD. The problem with this term and others like it is that there is no definite definition, so insurance companies are free to interpret them the way they see fit. This is especially challenging for people who don’t have visible disabilities, such as a person with a mood disorder, which can be harder to prove. Long Term Disability Attorneys help their clients fight unfair rulings that deny benefits to people who can’t work.
If your illness or disability prevents you from returning to work after two years of LTD, your insurance company may request proof that you are still unable to work. After the two year mark, you not only have to prove that you can’t do your old job, but you also have to prove that you can’t perform other jobs for which you might normally otherwise be qualified. Insurance companies are eager to avoid paying benefits to workers, especially younger workers and often even try to cut the benefits of legitimately ill or disabled people. Experienced long-term disability Ontario attorneys can help prove that you are still unable to return to work and need coverage.

The Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit

Your LTD coverage may require you to apply for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefit before you are eligible to collect. Many plans will deduct the amount you get from the CPP from the amount the insurance company has to pay you each month.
It’s important to apply for the CPP Disability Benefit as soon as you are unable to work in order to ensure that you don’t lose any benefits. People who are under 65, have a severe and prolonged illness or disability and have met contribution guidelines are eligible to apply for the benefit.
The turn-around time for a completed application by someone with a terminal illness is 48 hours. Everyone else will have to wait longer for their application to be reviewed. Be sure to fill out the application completely so that there are no delays in processing it.

How Long Term Disability Attorneys Help

If an insurance company has taken surveillance video of you taking out the trash while you’re on LTD for a back injury, it may deny your claim. However, this video may not show the whole story since it doesn’t take into consideration the time you spent in pain recovering after the fact. A lawyer can help you build your case.
Long-term disability attorneys can help level the playing field when you’re dealing with a large insurance company that’s interested in denying you the benefits you deserve.

How Long Term Disability Attorneys Can Help Your LTD Claim

Long-Term Disability Attorneys in Ontario


In Canada, there is no one definition of “disability.” If you are able to qualify for disability benefits from private insurers or other government programs, this doesn’t always mean that you are able to qualify for a CPP disability benefit.


The CPP states that a disability has to be “severe” and “prolonged” and that you mustn’t be able to work any job on a regular basis.


Tips While Awaiting Approval


A long-term disability attorney will be able to give you more direction when it comes to waiting for the approval of benefits, but these are a few tips of what you can do in the meantime:


Cooperate with the carrier


If you fail to comply with the carrier, then your appeal can be denied no matter what the severity of your disability is. However, if the carrier does decide to terminate your benefits without good reason, you should contact ONA immediately.


Respond to all of the carrier’s questions


When you are answering questions from the carrier, make sure that you are being honest and provide all information promptly.


Provide the carrier with all of your medical evidence


The carrier might ask you for additional medical evidence and statements; these should be backed up with medical tests, results, etc. You must prove that your disability prevents you from working with medical evidence and remain under medical care from your doctor and other practitioners to meet the carrier’s conditions.


A long-term disability attorney will be able to help you through this process and handle your case so that you are not wrongfully denied by your carrier and can receive the financial compensation you deserve.



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