What You Should Know About Long Term Disability in Ontario

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What You Should Know About Long Term Disability in Ontario

With one in seven Ontarians living with a disability, it’s important to be informed about long-term disability in Ontario. Many people have long-term disability coverage through work or private insurance plans.

Long Term Disability Coverage

You may not even know you have long-term disability (LTD) coverage in Ontario until you need it. It’s usually bundled with short-term disability coverage, which often covers the first six months of a leave. This coverage is intended to replace lost income if you’re off due to an illness or sickness. An illness that’s included in one policy may be exempted from another, so it’s important to know your LTD coverage.
Claims are  sometimes denied because of the vague language used in most policies. A policy will require a person to be "totally disabled” to claim benefits but there is no uniform description of what that means. That leads to disputes with insurance companies and requires the enlistment of a Long Term Disability Ontario lawyer whose job it is to get people the benefits they deserve. The non-uniform terminology can be especially challenging for those who don’t have a visible disability, such as a person with a mood disorder.
If you’re unable to do your job, LTD will pay benefits for up to two years. At that point, you may have to show evidence that you can’t do any job before your benefits continue. This is often the point where people run into trouble and need the help of a lawyer. The insurance company is eager to prove that the claimant no longer needs coverage and may even require a visit to a doctor of the insurance company’s choice.

Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit

The CPP Disability Benefit is available to Canadians who are suffering from a long-term disability or illness that prevents them from working. To be eligible, you have to be under 65 years of age, have a severe and prolonged disability and have contributed a minimum amount to CPP the previous year, for a minimum number of years.
In order to avoid losing months of your benefit, it’s important to apply as soon as you become unable to work or are diagnosed with a terminal condition. If you are terminally ill, your completed application will be reviewed within 48 hours.

How a Long Term Disability Ontario Lawyer Can Help

An experienced long-term disability law firm can help level the playing field when you’re dealing with a large insurance company. Your lawyer is used to dealing with large insurers who have a vested interest in denying your claim.
Sometimes a claim is denied because the insurance company hired investigators to take surveillance video that refutes your claims. Something as simple as picking up your morning paper can be used against you if you have a back injury. The problem with such a video is that it doesn’t show the pain you may be in later or the hours spent recuperating (possibly while reading that paper). Your lawyer can help put the act in perspective and show your true pain.
If you’re filing for long term disability in Ontario, it’s important to contact a lawyer who can help your claim.

What You Should Know About Long Term Disability in Ontario

Looking at Long-Term Disability in Ontario


When looking at the definition of “totally disabled,” there are many different meanings that come to mind. Definitions do differ between organizations, but there are legal terms that have the common reference to medical disability that are determined using evidence.


These are some of the criteria for determining if you will be eligible to apply for disability benefits:


  1. You are totally disabled from your occupation in the short term
  2. You are totally disabled from your occupation in the long term
  3. You are totally disabled from any job
  4. You are totally disabled from any occupation that would give you substantial remuneration
  5. You are permanently and totally disabled from any work for pay


Qualifying for Long-Term Disability in Ontario


When qualifying for long-term disability benefits in Ontario, you should not be able to perform at work for a long period of time, which is known as the “qualifying period.” The amount of income that you are to receive during this period depends on different factors such as: the rules under your collective agreement, the insurance policy or government regulations.  


A lawyer in Toronto will outline the definitions for you and make sure that you are eligible to qualify for long-term disability in Ontario.



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