Long Term Disability Lawyers in Toronto Can Help

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Long Term Disability Lawyers in Toronto Can Help You

If you’re one of the one in seven Ontarians living with a disability, it’s important that you know about how long-term disability benefits work in Toronto.

Long Term Disability Coverage

Long Term Disability (LTD) is usually bundled with Short Term Disability insurance in your work or private insurance plan. Both types of coverage are meant to cover your lost wages while you are unable to work due to illness or physical disability. It’s important to understand your policy coverage, since an illness that’s included in one plan may not be covered in another.
A common reason for being denied long-term disability in Toronto is the vague language used in most policies. The non-uniform terminology is especially challenging for people who don’t have visible disabilities, such as a person with a mood disorder. You are usually required to be "totally disabled”, but there is no hard and fast rule about what that means. Insurance companies look at individual cases and may reject your claim, even if you’re unable to work. These disputes are where a long-term disability lawyer can help. You lawyer can help you fight for your rights when you need help the most.
If you’re unable to return to your job, LTD should pay up to two years of benefits. After that, you’ll normally have to provide evidence to show that you still can’t return to work. This is another point where people can run into trouble. The insurance company doesn’t want to be stuck paying LTD to workers for prolonged periods of time, especially to younger workers. You may be asked to see the insurer’s doctor or even under surveillance as the company attempts to cut you off from benefits. An experienced long-term disability lawyer in Toronto can help you prove that you still need coverage.

Applying for the Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit

Some insurance plans require you to apply for your Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefit before they’ll begin payments. That’s because any amount you receive from CPP can be deducted from the amount the insurance company owes.
You should apply for the CPP Disability Benefit as soon as you are unable to work, since delayed applications mean a delay in getting your benefit. You’re eligible to apply if you are under 65, suffer from a severe and prolonged disability and have met the guidelines for a minimum amount contributed to CPP and minimum number of years worked.
If you are suffering from a terminal illness, CPP will review your application within 48 hours. It’s important to ensure that the application is completely filled out to avoid delays.

How a Toronto Long Term Disability Lawyer Can Help

Insurance companies have years of experience and a large amount of capital at their disposal. The company has a vested interest in denying your claim for LTD, since they may be paying benefits for years. A good long-term disability Toronto lawyer can use his or her experience to help level the playing field.
A lawyer can be helpful when your insurance company has surveillance of you that could hurt your case. A video showing you taking out the garbage after you’ve claimed that you are unable to do heavy lifting may look bad, but it doesn’t show the hours you spent on the couch or the pain medication you had to take afterwards. A long term disability Toronto lawyer can help.

Long Term Disability Lawyers in Toronto Can Help

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Long-Term Disability Coverage in Toronto


If you are unable to work in Toronto because of an illness or a physical disability, then long-term disability in Toronto is the right option for you. LTD should pay you up to two years of benefits if you are unable to work. If this situation continues, then you will have to give proof that you continue to be unable to work because of your disability.


There are many different terms that are important to be aware of when contemplating long-term disability in Toronto. These definitions include:


Qualifying Period


This starts with the first day of your disability and is the initial period of a total disability. This is before the benefits become payable.


Long-Term Disability Income


This is a benefit that provides 75% of an employee’s earning, pre-disability, to someone who is deemed “totally disabled” by the insurance carrier.


Definition of Disability


An employee is considered to be totally disabled when they are not physically or mentally able to continue their job due to illness or a physical disability.


Rehabilitation Program


This is a program designed to help a disabled employee enter the workforce again.


These are a few of the definitions that are helpful to anyone who is looking to apply for long-term disability in Toronto. A long-term disability lawyer in Toronto will be able to explain more of the definitions and key steps involved in the application process.  

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