How a Lawyer Helps Lower Back Injury Claims

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The Help You Need for Your Lower Back Injury Claim

After being hurt in an accident, you need a lawyer who has experience handling lower back injury claims. A good lawyer can help you fight for lost wages (for both you and a family member who may miss work to care for you), medical expenses, physiotherapy bills and other accident-related expenses that can put a strain on your finances when you’re in too much pain to work.

What to Do Immediately After an Accident

It’s important to visit your family doctor after you’ve been in an accident, even if you think you’re okay or just a little sore. If you’ve sustained a soft tissue injury, like whiplash, the pain and other symptoms may not appear right away. In fact, it could be days before the injury becomes noticeable. If you’re badly injured and in pain immediately following the accident, ask for an ambulance to take you to the nearest emergency room. You don’t want to cause additional damage to your lower back by trying to get to the hospital by yourself.
It’s important to know that you don’t have to talk to the insurance company of the person at fault. It is the main objective of an insurance adjuster to collect information that will help lessen the liability of the person at fault, so the insurance company can settle any claims for a lower amount. Anything you say goes straight into your file and may affect your claim. Always talk to a lawyer who has experience with lower back injury claims before you talk to an insurance adjuster. You may not have to talk to the insurance adjuster at all since your lawyer will be happy to answer the insurance company’s questions on your behalf. Having a person who is experienced in handling accident-related questions means that there’s someone who’s going to protect your interests and fight for what you deserve.
It’s not uncommon to want to communicate the accident details in your native tongue. If English isn’t your first language, look for a law firm whose members speak more than one language. You may even find a law firm like Sokoloff Law Firm, located in Brampton and Toronto, which can represent clients in over 30 languages.

How a Back Injury Lawyer Can Help Your Claim

You’re not alone if you’ve suffered a back injury in Canada. According to a 2009/2010 Statistics Canada study, 16% of activity-limiting injuries among working-age Canadians were lower-back injuries. Eleven percent of injuries to seniors and 5% of injuries to adolescents are lower back injuries. This is especially concerning given that a recent  Canadian Bar Association  study found that three out of every ten workers can expect to miss three or more months of work because of an injury or illness. This can have serious emotional and financial repercussions for you and your family as you come to grips with a temporary or permanent disability and are left to deal with the financial stresses that come with missing work and being unable to perform your usual chores.
A Lower back injury claims and benefits lawyer can help you file your paperwork on time and do the footwork involved with your case to ensure that you get the compensation you need and deserve for your injury.

How a Lawyer Helps Lower Back Injury Claims

By Nola

After a car accident, lower back pain is a common injury that can stick with you for your lifetime. It’s imperative that you get the help you deserve quickly so that you can recover from your injuries and not stress about the financial burdens that await you.


Types of Lower Back Pain


Lower back pain is usually related to spondylosis, which refers to the general degeneration of the spine. This can be common wear or tear found in the bones, discs and joints of the spine. Some examples are:


Sprains and Strains


This accounts for the majority of acute back pain and is caused by tearing or stretching ligaments.


Traumatic Injuries


This injury can be due to playing sports, falling or the result of motor vehicle accidents. In such cases, the spine becomes very compressed and can cause the intervertebral disc to rupture because of this. This can exert pressure on the nerves rooted at the spinal cord, possibly resulting in sciatica.




Compression of the sciatic nerve causes this form of radiculopathy (pain, tingling or numbness that radiates throughout the body) that causes burning or shock-like back pain. It also combines with the pain down one leg and through the buttocks, which occasionally reaches the foot.


These are only a few examples of the types of lower back pain that exist, and, although rarely related to serious conditions, immediate medical attention is required after these cases occur.


Talk to a lawyer before you deal with your insurance adjuster because they have experience dealing with lower back injury claims. Your lawyer will also answer any questions the insurance company might have on your behalf. Your lawyer will also help you file any paperwork that is required on time and fight for fair compensation for your injuries.



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