Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits in Ontario

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Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits in Ontario

The financial and emotional stress involved while you recover from an accident or illness can be overwhelming. One of the chief concerns may be whether you’re eligible for medical and rehabilitation benefits during recovery.

Injured in an Accident

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s important to contact a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer can help you navigate through all the paperwork and find the medical and rehabilitation benefits that can help your recovery. That includes your immediate expenses, such as medication and physiotherapy, and possible future expenses, such as home care or extended medical treatments that may not be covered by provincial healthcare.
If the injured person is unable to contact a lawyer due to medical treatment or the severity of his or her injuries, the person in charge of the injured person’s healthcare should contact a lawyer on his/her behalf.
The Law Society of Upper Canada can refer victims of accidents to a few places where they can make their claims. The first place is the insurance company of the person at fault. You’re under no obligation to talk to the insurance adjuster and should let your lawyer handle any questions from the company. If the person at fault isn’t insured, you can file a claim with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario’s Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund. If the accident happened at work or while you were working, you may be able to file a claim with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board since the organization has a compensation system for workers who have been injured on the job. With so many options, it can be confusing. Your lawyer can point you in the right direction and help you file the papers necessary for your claim.

Paying Health Care-Related Costs

If you’re worried about medical and rehabilitation benefits because you want to ensure that you can cover your medical costs, it’s important to know what you will and won’t have to pay for as you recover.
If you were in a motor vehicle accident, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has a list of those  responsible for any associated medical and homecare costs. According to Ontario’s Statutory Accident Benefit Schedule, the insurance company of the person at fault is required to pay for any non-professional health care services you may need. Non-professional health care services include meal preparation, support for caregivers, help with home repairs and childcare, transportation and providing access to social and recreational services that you need. If you have a temporary or physical disability, you’re also entitled to receive help with personal hygiene, chores like laundry and other personal care tasks.
The Ministry of Health and Long-term Care pays for doctors, hospital services, air ambulance transport, mental health facilities and some other professional services like speech-language pathology, nursing and occupational therapy.

The Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefit

If you’re suffering from a severe illness or disability that prevents you from working, you may be eligible for the CPP Disability Benefit. You have to be under 65, have a severe and prolonged illness or disability and have met contribution guidelines.
If you’re worried about medical and rehabilitation benefits because of a disability or illness, contact a lawyer experienced in personal injuries and long term disability cases.

Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits in Ontario

Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits


Medical and rehabilitation expenses will be covered if they are necessary or reasonable. This benefit pays for expenses that are not covered by a private or government health plan that a person might have through their work or spouse.


In Ontario, the auto insurance industry also pays around $150 million per year to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) and OHIP services can be accessed to help you.


How to Apply for Benefits


When applying for benefits, you have to tell your insurance company about the motor vehicle accident within seven days, or as soon as you can, in order to ensure that you receive the benefits you are eligible for. Your insurance company will give you a benefits application package and you should send the application back within 30 days. A lawyer will be able to determine what benefits you can apply for and deal with your insurance company directly.


Where Does the Application Go?


  • If you are covered under an insurance policy other than your own or have your own automobile insurance, then you should send the application to that insurance company
  • If you don’t have your own insurance policy, then you should return the application to your spouse’s insurance or the insurance company you are dependant on
  • If you don’t have access to insurance, then you should send your application to the insurer of the car in which you were an occupant
  • If you were a pedestrian, then send the application to the insurer of the car that hit you
  • If you were a passenger of an uninsured automobile or if you were a pedestrian hit by an uninsured vehicle, then you should return the application to the insurer of any other vehicle that was involved in the accident. If there is no insurance company responsible, then you need to call the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund.


These are all steps to help you apply for your medical and rehabilitation benefits, but a lawyer will have the best advice, as they have the experience and expertise behind them to help you with your case. You need to make sure that you are applying for your benefits in a timely manner; if you are unable to do so, then contact a lawyer to make sure that you receive the benefits you deserve.




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