What and How to Claim with the Help of a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

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The High Risks of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Ontario

From the rural countryside to the busy metropolis, motor vehicle accidents are common occurrences in Ontario. Statistics from the Ontario Road Safety Annual Report indicate that only a small percentage of all recorded collisions in the province result in death or personal injury, but the figures still reach into the hundreds and thousands respectively. With a majority of incidents occurring in clearly visible and dry environments on average, statistics show that traffic accidents actually occur in the most optimal driving conditions. In other words, motor vehicle accidents will likely occur when they are least expected, and it is highly beneficial to be prepared for the aftermath of an accident should one occur. Aside from the physical harm that may be inflicted on unfortunate parties, motor vehicle accidents often bring great financial woes to the unprepared. An experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer can help survivors from falling victim to unfavourable dealings and settlements from insurance companies as well as other involved parties.

Seeking Compensation

In the event of motor vehicle accidents, individuals who are either directly or indirectly affected by an accident may seek compensation through two kinds of claims. A tort claim is a claim filed against an involved driver, and an accident benefits claim is filed against an insurance company. Excellent motor vehicle accident lawyers should thoroughly assist claimants through these processes to completion. In general, for either of these types of claims, individuals who have suffered injuries from motor vehicle accidents or their relatives should keep the following tips in mind to maximize their chances of claiming successfully:
  • Claimants should be represented by motor vehicle accident lawyers, as the claim processes are highly complicated, and inexperienced claimants may not be familiar with their rights or with the proper approaches to maximizing the value of their claims.
  • Claimants should not provide any statements regarding the traffic accident or submit any relevant documentation without first consulting a motor vehicle accident lawyer. While such requests may appear straightforward, improper or inadequate evidence may negatively impact a claimant’s case.
  • Claimants should not accept any settlements that fall short of what they deserve. A knowledgeable and qualified lawyer experienced in this area of claims will defend a claimant’s position at all levels of the system to ensure that appropriate compensation is awarded.

Who is Eligible to Claim?

Aside from individuals who suffered injuries from motor vehicle accidents, relatives of these individuals may also seek compensation given the right circumstances. In cases where an individual’s injuries are so severe that they prevent the person from making decisions, family members are entitled to decide on the available medical treatments on the individual’s behalf while he or she is confined in a hospital, and the fees incurred from the treatment can be claimed with their insurance provider. Also, if an individual loses the ability to support his or her family as a result of a traffic accident, such as losing the capability to care for his or her children, the expense incurred from hiring a babysitter may be claimable. Individuals who are either directly or indirectly affected by motor vehicle accidents should immediately seek advice from a lawyer to find out whether their claims are eligible.
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