A Neck Injury Lawyer in Whitby Offers Financial Options for Injured Clients

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A Neck Injury Lawyer in Whitby Offers Clients Immediate Financial Help

Neck injuries are often caused by strain after the head moves suddenly, stretching or tearing the ligaments that support those vertebrae of the spinal cord. The resulting injury is sometimes called "whiplash.” While the injury will usually heal over time, people who suffer from this injury often require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, which is costly to the injured person. Neck injury treatment options vary but may include the use of pain and anti-inflammatory medications, the need to wear a soft collar to support the neck, massage therapy and physical therapy. Immediate medical attention after an accident rules out the possibility of a more serious diagnosis of fracture that requires more extensive treatment. When the neck injury is the result of a vehicle accident or other mishap, there is also the added stress of filing a benefits claim, dealing with insurance agents, managing home care, travel and a host of other concerns.

Loss of Income and Legal Support After an Accident

Since an accident can cause a loss of income, or make it impossible to earn an income, it is important to ensure that insurance claims are processed fairly and within a reasonable amount of time. Personal injury law firms in Whitby, Ontario are willing to defer payment of their fees until a final settlement has been reached with the insurance company. This is to allow all injured persons who require assistance to receive the benefits to which they are entitled and to get the support they need while in treatment. Lawyers may go further in offering clients financial assistance so they can take the time they need to get appropriate treatment, to manage their affairs and to pay their bills. This is both a support for the injured person and an incentive to the lawyer to see that the claim reaches a final settlement in a timely and ethical way.

Legal Support and "Contingency Fees”

Neck injury lawyers in Whitby who assist clients with neck injury insurance claim settlements after an accident will oversee the entire process of filing a claim and will protect their client’s rights during negotiation of a final settlement. If required, they will also represent their client in a trial. While the initial consultation may be free, clients and their lawyers can negotiate "contingency fees”. A contingency fee is a percentage of the final settlement that the client agrees to pay the lawyer when the case is successfully settled. The benefit for clients in this financial arrangement is that they are not charged for services until their case is successfully settled. The arrangement also means that they can afford legal protection and assistance during a time when they have lost income. Financial assistance for treatment, home care, travel and other expenses will have to be reimbursed out of the amount received as a final settlement as well. This financial arrangement may help clients avoid bankruptcy or financial devastation while they are in the process of negotiating a settlement with their insurance company.

A Neck Injury Lawyer in Whitby Offers Financial Options for Injured Clients

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Hiring a Neck Injury Lawyer in Whitby After a Car Accident


Neck injuries are extremely common after a car accident occurs. It is important to get your injury assessed and to receive the compensation you deserve, as the aftermath of a car accident can be expensive and stressful for anyone involved. A neck injury lawyer in Whitby will be able to lead your case swiftly and confidently and relieve any anxiety or stress you might be feeling after the accident.


What is Whiplash?

Dr. Colin Tidy describes some of the symptoms of whiplash so that you can determine the state of your neck injury:

*Stiffness and pain in the neck, which may appear several hours after the car accident. It usually takes one day for the pain to develop.

*Turning your neck or bending it a certain way might be difficult.

*The upper and lower part of your back might be feeling stiff.

*Headaches are common.

*Stiffness in the shoulders or arms might be felt.

*Feeling tired or irritable.

*Dizziness, pain in the jaw, or even blurred vision might be experienced.


If you have any of the above symptoms after a car accident, your doctor should assess you immediately and you should look at hiring a neck injury lawyer in Whitby. Although whiplash injuries will heal over time, medical treatment and rehabilitation might be necessary. So, if you do experience an injury after a car accident in Whitby, fight for your case and take care of yourself and your expenses.




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