A Personal Injury Attorney in Toronto Can Help You Get the Accident Benefits You Deserve

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A Personal Injury Attorney in Toronto Can Help You Get the Accident Benefits You Deserve
If you have been injured in a car accident, a personal injury attorney in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area can advise you about certain financial accident benefits which will help you while you are recovering. Accident benefits are one way to claim compensation as a result of sustaining injuries in a motor vehicle accident regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Any person who is injured in a car accident is automatically entitled to accident benefits. Accident benefits are available whether you were driving, a passenger in a vehicle, or a pedestrian hit by a vehicle. A personal injury attorney in Toronto will inform you about the benefits for which you may be eligible. Some of your insurance company’s accident benefits include:

Income Replacement Benefit

If you are eligible, the income replacement benefit will partially compensate you for the loss of your income if you cannot work because of injuries related to a car accident. You can claim income replacement benefits if you suffer from injuries that prevent you from performing essential tasks at your job.

Caregiver Benefit

If you are eligible, the caregiver benefit will reimburse you for expenses you have incurred if you cannot continue as the main caregiver for a member of your household who is under the age of 16, or who is over the age of 16 and suffers from a disability.

Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits

The medical and rehabilitation benefit will pay for reasonable and necessary medical and rehabilitation expenses not covered by the government health plan or a supplementary health plan you already have.

Attendant Care Benefit

Attendant Care Benefits are for the payment of expenses incurred by you or on your behalf, for your care as a result of a car accident. The coverage for this benefit includes reasonable expenses for services provided by an aide or an attendant, or for services provided by a long-term care facility.

Housekeeping and Home Maintenance Benefits

If you sustain impairment as a result of a car accident that results in substantial inability to perform the housekeeping and home maintenance services you normally performed before the accident, you may also claim the housekeeping and home maintenance benefit.
Other available benefits include reimbursement of expenses incurred by immediate family members and/or those living with the injured person who visit during treatment or recovery. These expenses include meals, travel costs and hotel stays. Lost tuition expenses for students can also be claimed. A person who intends to apply for one or more Accident Benefits has to notify the insurance company of his or her intention no later than the seventh day after the accident.
If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Toronto since it can be difficult to navigate the requirements of insurance companies. Sokoloff Lawyers can help you get the support you need and deserve. We work alongside your insurance company to get you the accident benefits that you require, and will advocate for you in court to work towards the best outcome. Our law firm is experienced in assisting you when you are unable to cope with the aftermath of a car accident and provide advice about what you are entitled to receive.

Personal Injury Attorney to Hire in Toronto

If you have been the victim of a personal injury and need to hire a lawyer to help you out with your case, the process does not have to be as complicated as you may think. To find the right lawyer ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask questions and to ask people you trust for references, because it will allow you to choose a lawyer that you feel comfortable being honest with.

Research the Firm and Ask Questions

Now that many firms have information online, it can be easy to find out any information you need from the firm’s website. Contact the firm directly and ask the receptionist any questions you have about the firm’s history or background to get a better understand of the particular firm you are interested in.
Contact several different lawyers to seek the personal injury attorney to hire that will be most suitable for you and your case. Meeting with different lawyers will allow you to make a decision based on comfort, budget, etc.
Location is also a factor that will help you to decide. If you have to travel long distances to reach your lawyer, this might add more stress in an already stressful situation. Although, sometimes you may not have a choice, as local lawyers might not be best suited to your case.
Make sure you ask questions, do your research and meet with multiple lawyers before finding a personal injury attorney to hire. You want to find someone that believes in your case as much as you do and will do everything in his or her power to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Am I Entitled To Personal Injury Benefits?

By Mark
Am I Entitled To Personal Injury Benefits?

When an accident occurs and an individual suffers a personal injury, many questions run through their minds: Am I entitled to make a claim, and if so, how do I go about doing it? If I am badly injured, how long should I wait after an accident before consulting a lawyer? How much will a consultation with a lawyer cost? Dealing with all of this uncertainly can be overwhelming if you have suffered significant or catastrophic injuries such as to the neck or the spinal cord.


An experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney in Toronto such as Sokoloff Lawyers will help ease your mind by offering a free consultation, handling the necessary paperwork and working with your insurance company to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation that you deserve.


Many Torontonians are unaware of their rights and responsibilities following a personal injury that has resulted from a range of mishaps such as a slip and fall, a bicycle accident, a hit-and-run or a public transportation accident. Recently, accidents involving distracted drivers whose attention is on their mobile devices instead of the road have been increasingly more common, and, as the law changes to reflect this, a personal injury attorney in Toronto can provide you with the most up to date advice. Overall, motor vehicle accidents are responsible for a great deal of personal injury claims – in 2011, it was reported that Toronto has one of Canada’s highest rate of car collisions with cyclists and pedestrians.

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