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When it comes to personal injury law in Toronto, one boutique law firm stands far above the rest. Sokoloff Lawyers have been a longstanding firm experienced in dealing with personal injury and accidental benefits cases for over 30 years. They have given tremendous legal advice in a warm welcoming atmosphere since their inception to help develop a friendly client-lawyer experience. While their lawyers have extensive negotiation experience, they are also well versed in the courtroom, ensuring that you will be well represented in the event that your settlement case goes to trial.

Open Lines of Communication

The importance of open lines of communication cannot be understated. The road to recovery can be a difficult one, but even more so if you are unable to communicate with medical professionals, your insurance provider, or lawyer in your own native language. Language barriers can make it difficult for you to communicate what happened, what hurts, or the difficulties that your injury is causing you. As Toronto’s top ethnic firm, this boutique law firm has no issue offering service in over thirty different languages representing the multi-national population of the Greater Toronto Area. If your first language is not one that Sokoloff offers services in, they will provide additional interpreters as needed.
In addition to professional service in a number of languages, they also offer 24/7 telephone access to their legal staff, ensuring that you can receive the crucial legal advice you need instantly. If you find yourself in a situation where you may need legal advice, you can easily pick up the phone and call, avoiding mistakes that you may otherwise make.
In the event that you are seriously injured and cannot make it to your lawyer’s office for meetings to discuss your claim, your lawyer will come to your place of rest, whether it be in the hospital bed or your home. This is an especially important factor when deciding which law firm you will choose to represent you. You want your lawyer to treat you like person and be committed to your cause. They must be willing to accommodate your needs, especially in times of distress, where your mobility may be limited due to the nature of your injury.
Sokoloff Lawyers have established themselves as the leading firm when it comes to personal injury law. Toronto victims of accidents know that they can trust their lawyers to act in their best interest, providing quality legal advise and representation for clients of any ethnic background. With services provided in over thirty different languages, the multi-ethnic community of Toronto can be comfortable knowing that they can speak to their legal aids in their native languages, eliminating any communication barriers 
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