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If you have suffered a personal injury, finding a lawyer in Ajax can be a difficult task. Often times injury victims do not fully understand the role that a lawyer can play in their settlement case. More often than not, injured victims are unaware of their rights and obligations, which lead them to make false assumptions about the impact a lawyer can have. Of course, you are not obligated to hire a lawyer; you may represent yourself in both the settlement process and during the event of a trial, however, even the simplest cases require and extensive amount of knowledge about tort law, insurance law, and the nature of certain injuries.  If you choose to proceed without a lawyer, educate yourself about your rights and obligations so you can make informed decisions throughout the settlement process. Here are some common myths or false assumptions that people suffering from a personal injury may fall victim to:

There Is Already an Insurance Adjuster Working On My Case. So, Why Do I Need Legal Representation?

There is a commonly made assumption that the insurance adjuster is working with you to help settle your case. The insurance adjuster works for the insurance company with the goal of reducing your settlement to the lowest fair amount based on the evidence or information that is provided or obtained through you. In a sense, they are working against your best interests and any statements you make about the nature and extent of your injury can be used as evidence against your claim. It is not the responsibility of the insurance adjuster to educate the plaintiff about the settlement process or the ramifications of their actions or statements. Hiring a lawyer to represent you absolves you of the responsibility of dealing with the insurance companies. Additionally, a lawyer can better advise you on how to handle your situation. With a better understanding of your rights, the impact on your employment, and the past precedence of cases similar to yours, your lawyer can help you get the settlement you deserve.

If I Hire A Lawyer, The Insurance Company Will Be Less Likely To Settle My Case.

This is another commonly made false assumption. The presence of a lawyer will not hinder your chances of settling your claim for a fair amount. In fact, legal representation can assure that you are taking the proper steps to ensure that your case is supported by sufficient tangible evidence. You are entitled to the same amount of compensation with or without a lawyer. The presence of a lawyer simply makes the process easier as they are experienced and can help build a case with the necessary information required by the insurance company.

If I Retain A Lawyer, The Case Will More Than Likely Go To Trial.


This is another false assumption made by victims of personal injuries. However, over 90% of personal injury cases in Ontario settle outside of court. Having a lawyer on your side means that you are prepared to go to any length to get a fair settlement. For those personal injury victims who are not fully educated on the process, the settlement process can be confusing. How much is my claim worth? When should I settle? What tangible evidence must I provide to help my case hold up if a settlement cannot be reached outside of court? These are all questions that experienced lawyers can help answer or take care of themselves.


An experienced lawyer works for you. Your best interests are their obligations. When deciding whether you need a personal injury lawyer, victims living in Ajax need to fully understand the process, the length of time it takes to carry out, and their rights and obligations throughout the negotiation of the settlement. For those who are seriously injured, it can be difficult to turn their attention to the financial aspect of the damages. Most of all, hiring a lawyer gives you the peace of mind to focus on improving your health on the road to recovery. 

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