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Slip and fall accidents are becoming one of the most prevalent causes of personal injury. Lawyers in the Mississauga area have been fighting for the rights of slip and fall victims, victims of motor vehicle accidents, and medical malpractice for many years. Accidents occur on a daily basis. They are hard to foresee, plan for, or stop once they are happening. Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries that can impede a person’s abilities to live their everyday life. Slip and fall accidents can happen in shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, office buildings, parking garages, hospitals, public places, or even in the home of someone you know.
Under premises liability, the person who owns the premises or land is liable for injuries suffered on the property due to their own negligent behaviour. Therefore, by law, each time you welcome a visitor into your home or business, the owner of the premises faces a considerable liability issue. If, for any reason, the owner fails to provide a safe environment for individuals who visit the property, they may become the defendant in a liability case.
Most commonly, slip and fall injuries occur because the owner of the premises neglects to perform routine maintenance or to prevent unsafe or dangerous conditions from developing on their property. Whether they have broken railings, debris on the floor, cracked or broken steps, slippery floors, or icy sidewalks, they are failing to provide a safe environment for their guests and are liable for any injuries that occur as a result of these actions. If the property owner is found to be the cause of the injury, they become liable for the damages, and the victims may be entitled to recovering compensation for their injuries.

Questions Regarding Your Slip And Fall

There are some questions you may need to answer before deciding whether or not to pursue a claim for a personal injury caused by a slip and fall accident. Answering these five questions can help determine whether or not you have a claim against a property owner.
  1. If you slipped on a spill, was it present long enough that someone was aware of it?
  2. Is there a regular cleaning or maintenance schedule?
  3. Was the area properly labelled or was the appropriate signage missing from the dangerous area?
  4. Was your slip and fall caused, in part, by dim lighting?
  5. Would a reasonable person been able to avoid the slip and fall accident?
If you suffer a serious injury as a result of a slip and fall accident, a personal injury lawyer from Mississauga can help you pursue a claim, protect your rights, and help you build a case towards recovering the damages you suffered as a result of the incident. Hiring a lawyer takes away the hassle of paperwork and dealing with insurance adjusters, allowing victims to focus solely on recovering and returning to good health. Best of all, victims have the right to negotiate lawyer fees on a percentage basis in personal injury claims, meaning that they will not be liable for lawyer fees if a settlement for damages is not awarded. For more information regarding the red flags surrounding slip and fall accidents, feel free to visit Claims Canada.
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