Get A Second Opinion From Personal Injury Lawyers In Brampton

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Get A Second Opinion From Personal Injury Lawyers In Brampton
If you are seriously injured and are the victim of an accident you can pursue a claim.  If you are unsatisfied with your current legal aid, you can still seek out additional help. Whether you have a new case, a pre-existing claim, or if you have already retained a different lawyer, you are entitled to a second opinion on your case. At Sokoloff Lawyers, we strive to provide second opinions generally free of charge. If you have had your accident benefits or your long-term disability claims denied, you may want to seek new representation. The client has the right to choose their representation, including the hiring and firing of any lawyer throughout the duration of their claim. After all, this is your life, your claim, and you should be in charge of who is representing your interests. Sokoloff Laywers have two offices within the GTA, one in Toronto as well as within the city of Brampton.

Second Opinions

If you do not believe you are receiving adequate representation for your claims, it may be appropriate for you to seek out a second opinion from a third-party attorney. Second opinions may be obtained without firing your current lawyer. In fact, you may want to discuss with your concerns with your current lawyer, letting him know that you would like to get a second opinion. In the event that you do not feel comfortable discussing your plans with your current attorney, you are free to seek additional legal advice at your own discretion. Below are some of the reasons you may want to consider seeking a second opinion.
A client may seek a second opinion if they feel that:
  • They are not receiving adequate representation.
  • The financial burdens of their current legal aid are too taxing.
  • It is difficult to assess the quality advice that is initially given.
  • The relationship with your current lawyer lacks trust or honesty.
In meeting with a second attorney, you may decide that someone else could better manage your case. Give careful consideration to the timing of your lawyer change. You will not want to wait until your case is close to trial before you decide to make the change. If done early, the transition should be seamless, allowing the new attorney to sufficiently prepare your case file and implement a new strategy for handling your claims.
At Sokoloff Lawyers, your second opinion is free of charge. If you are not convinced that your current lawyer is representing your best interests, it is likely that you are beginning to question his or her advice and strategy for handling your claim. Getting a fresh perspective from another experienced professional may reaffirm the views of your current lawyer or your own beliefs that you could be better represented. If you are being represented by personal injury lawyers in Brampton and are dissatisfied with your representation, visit Sokoloff Lawyers today for a free second opinion on your case.
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