Confronting A Serious Accident Like A Lawyer

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Confronting A Serious Accident Like A Lawyer

Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers Offer Free Consultation for Serious Accidents

Whether you were on your bicycle, driving a motor vehicle, or riding as a passenger in the motor vehicle of another person, if you become hurt as a result of a serious accident, a lawyer can help retrieve some of the damages by pursuing your claim against the insurance company. Accidents due to a negligent driver can happen unexpectedly at any time. It only takes a split second or a single mistake to jeopardize the life or well being of another person. If you or a loved one has sustained a serious personal injury during an accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation based on the severity of your injury and how it impacts your future quality of life. An accident may occur as a result of texting and driving, speeding, the influence of drugs or alcohol or simply general carelessness. None of these events are excusable offenses in the court of law. If you have been affected by the actions of a careless driver, you may be awarded compensation for the damages caused by this event. Below are some common questions that are asked by people who are injured in motor vehicle accidents:

I Was Injured During a Serious Accident Where The Other Driver Was At-fault, But I Was Not Wearing a Seatbelt. Am I Still Eligible To Pursue a Claim Against The Defendant?

Ontario recognizes the principle of contributory negligence, which states that both parties actively contributed to the occurrence of the event that lead to the injury. In cases where the plaintiff was partially at-fault for their injury, the awarded compensation is likely to reflect this by deducting the percentage or amount allocated to their contributions. For example, in the event that a plaintiff was injured during a motor vehicle accident, but not wearing their seatbelt, they are normally found between 15-25% negligent, unless they can prove that proper use of a seatbelt would not have prevented or reduced the occurrence of an injury. Similarly, if a cyclist or motor cycle rider is not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, the can be found between 10% and 15% negligent.

What Are The Most Important Things To Do Immediately After an Accident Occurs?

If you are injured or involved in an accident, there are some immediate steps that should be taken. First, the accident should be reported to the local authorities or accident centre. Contact the police and call an ambulance, especially if you suspect that you or someone else may be seriously injured. Proceed to exchange contact information with the witnesses present at the scene. In addition to the witnesses, you should take down the information of the negligent driver, the make and model of their vehicle, and corresponding insurance information. Next, one should proceed to document the accident details – take photos or videos of the scene of the accident and your injury. Do not refuse or wait to seek out medical attention after the accident has occurred. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make, which can lead to losing your claim entirely.
When involved in a serious accident, a lawyer can provide the necessary legal advice to ensure that your rights are protected. The events that immediately follow your accident will be an integral part of building your claim. By taking the proper steps, attaining the appropriate information, and documenting the accident at the time it occurs, the plaintiff is able to give their lawyer the best chance at building a viable legal case. 
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