Getting Back On Your Feet: Handling Your Slip And Fall Claim In Toronto

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Getting Back On Your Feet: Handling Your Slip And Fall Claim In Toronto

If you are pursuing a slip and fall claim in Toronto, it is important that you know your rights and act immediately. One of the most common mistakes that slip and fall victims make is not gathering evidence in a timely manner. Often, if someone is hurt, they try to put off collecting evidence about the nature of their injury such as documenting the scene of the fall. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to collect evidence, the more likely it is to be covered up, fixed, or cleaned, before you can provide evidence of negligence beyond a reasonable doubt. If your fall was the result of a wet floor without the presence of proper signage, the spill may be mopped up almost immediately after or a sign could be put in your place after you have left the premises. In instances such as these, it will be very difficult to provide evidence of negligence after the fact. Here are some immediate steps you should take in the event of a slip and fall accident.


Step 1: Seek Medical Attention Immediately


If you have fallen and have been seriously injured as the result of the negligence of another party, one of the most important steps you can take is to seek medical attention immediately. If any medical diagnosis or treatments are administered, be sure to ask your doctor for the proper documentation. In possible, write down the names of the medical professionals who assist you throughout the recovery process. Seeking immediate medical attention strengthens the burden of proof and provides tangible evidence of the nature and extent of your injuries. Failing to seek medical attention or refusing medical attention at the scene is likely to be seen as a sign that your injuries were not very serious. Since the recovery process can be ongoing, it may take months before the true impact of your injury is known, which makes documenting the recovery process an absolute necessity.


Step 2: Retain As Much Information And Evidence From The Scene As Possible


Try to provide photographic evidence of both the injuries you sustained and the scene where the accident took place. If you are unable to take a picture yourself, ask for some assistance from the people who witnessed your fall.  Also, be sure to take down the contact information of those who witnessed your fall to serve as future evidence


Step 3: Inform The Owner Of The Property That You Have Fallen And Have Been Injured As A Result


Inform the property owner or defendant that a slip and fall accident has occurred on their premises. If the fall occurs in a place of business where the owner is not available, contact a manager or even a general employee to help pass the message along. In some instances, you may be required to notify the property owner that you intend on pursuing a claim within 7 days of your accident. For example, if you fall on public property that is owned by the city or municipality, this seven-day window applies. If you do not contact the municipality within the allotted time frame, you will be unable to recover damages regarding your claim.


If you are pursuing a slip and fall claim in Toronto, it is important that you take the aforementioned steps as quickly as possible. Action may be required as quickly as one week after the accident. If you have become the victim of someone else’s negligence, the best decision you can make is to seek legal representation from an experienced personal injury lawyer. This will ensure that your rights are protected and that your claim is filed and settled in the most timely manner possible, allowing you to get back on your feet in no time. 

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