Pursuing A Claim After A Slip And Fall Accident In Ontario

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A wet floor or a snowy public walkway can be the cause of a serious slip and fall injury. Ontario law recognizes that property owners must exercise a certain reasonable duty of care to ensure the safety of anyone who enters the premises. Slip and fall accidents can happen in another person’s home, store, place of business, or on public property. The owner of the property is liable for the premises, but in cases where the plaintiff is injured on public property, the municipality or city can be held accountable, as they are responsible for the upkeep of public property, including the maintenance of sidewalks and walkways.
In the event that you or a loved one has become injured in a slip and fall accident, it is possible to recover compensation for general damages such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, the loss of income, and emotional distress caused by the incident. Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere – in nightclubs, parks, shopping centres, grocery stores, restaurants, and more. Depending on the place of the accident, proper signage should be in place encouraging attendants to watch their step or to be careful because the floor is slippery when wet.

Pursuing a Claim

When pursuing a personal injury claim against a property owner, you should seek medical attention early and document your recovery process as thoroughly as possible. Ontario law dictates that a slip and fall claim must be made within two years of the accident. Given that there is much time between the time of the accident and the pursuit of a claim, it becomes increasingly important to not only document your injury, but the scene of the accident as well, in order to strengthen the evidence that negligence was present without a shadow of a doubt. Taking a picture of the hazardous area and the injuries you may have sustained during the fall can be more than enough evidence to prove that the property owner was liable for the injuries caused. The two-year time period does not apply to all cases. In some cases, you may be required to notify the at-fault party that you intend on pursuing a claim within seven days. In the event that you fall on public property that is under the jurisdiction of the city or the municipality, you will have seven days to notify them of the accident; otherwise, you will be unable to file a claim against them.
When pursuing a claim for a slip and fall injury in Ontario, it is important to file your claim in a timely manner. Complacency in filing your claim, seeking medical attention, or documenting your recovery process can hurt the validity of your claim in court. Sufficient evidence must be present in order to ensure that you receive the damage settlement In which you are entitled to. Liability claims can become very complex in a short amount of time; therefore, it is best to seek out legal advice when you decide that your claim might be something worth pursuing. 
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