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Spinal cord injury can be a life-changing ordeal, altering the way victims lead their lives on a day-to-day basis. While it is difficult to accept that there are not only physical impairments in regular functioning, there are also financial and social impairments as well. Even if you don’t think that getting legal protection is an immediate necessity, the vast changes that come after a life-changing injury will eventually lead to the need for legal help.

The Cost of Harm

It is easy to believe that the financial impact of a major injury is not costly enough to be worthy of considering a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault party, but it is important to look over the numbers. The cost of caring for a victim of spinal cord injury was over 123 thousand dollars in 2005/2006, and with inflation that number is only getting higher. Certain aspects of long-term care seem to go unnoticed, and it is important to take into consideration the following areas when thinking of finances:
- Medication
- Medical Equipment
- Rehabilitation
- Full Time Support
- Change in Lifestyle
- Economic Loss due to Unemployment
- Secondary Medical Complications
The cost of care is not just for the immediate needs of the victim, but also includes the long-term economic changes that come after the incident. Incidences such as secondary medical problems can easily arise after traumatic cases such as spinal cord injuries. For example, the rehabilitation process that comes after spinal cord injuries can lead to pressure sores or ulcers from limited mobility. This type of complication is common and costly, an addition to an already painful healing process. Having a strong lawyer at your side will ensure that you will already be aware of this. Personal injury lawyers will be aware of any other secondary complications that are attached to spinal cord injuries, and will be able to inform you of the costly effects they will have. Personal injury lawyers will be able to lead you to a new and healthy lifestyle where you are legally protected and able to physically heal in peace.

Difficulties with Deciding

Even with the economic repercussions aside, it is difficult to accept that a legal team may be necessary when medical trauma happens. Personal injury lawyers, also known as disability lawyers, understand the needs and complications of their clientele. Through possessing the knowledge of legal matters attached to accidental and life changing injuries, personal injury lawyers understand the complicated processes attached to filing a claim, a lawsuit, or building a long-term care plan for the victim of an injury. Spinal cord injuries are not an uncommon occurrence, and with tens of thousands of spinal cord injury victims within Canada, lawyers are able to improve the lives of their clients. Even if immediate legal action is not part of your plan, having a trusted lawyer at your side in case of any changes is important. Most personal injury lawyers and law firms only demand remuneration if you win your legal battle, so as to not take money from those who need it most. This ensures that not only will you be economically stable, but your lawyer will be working their hardest to win for the both of you.
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