Spinal Injury Claims Change the Lives of Suffering Victims

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Discovering a Spinal Injury

Spinal injury claims are often casted once a victim has discovered the symptoms of a spinal cord injury (SCI). SCI can derive from many activities such as car accidents and dangerous sports like football.  In fact, studies have shown that in America, nearly half of all causes derive from motor vehicle accidents and 12% have a connection to sports. Likewise the majority of SCI victims are young adults under the age of 35 and about 80% of those affected are males. SCI is a severe condition that can drastically change the lives of many victims. Unfortunately, the condition that over 86,000 Canadians live with can be expensive to treat. The outcome of traumatic injuries or non-traumatic injuries can severely affect the victim and his or her family, which makes the SCI claim process difficult.

The Downfall of Spinal Injury

Spinal injuries can permanently affect victims if symptoms are ignored or claims are not made for assistance. As potential victims and survivors of a traumatic or non-traumatic injury faced with SCI may know, the spinal cord is part of the human nervous system. The job of the spinal cord is to distribute signals that control body movements and conveys all feelings in the human body. With that being said, the spinal cord is connected to the brain. Therefore, when the spinal cord is severely injured, the brain can be wounded as well.  The outcomes of SCI can result in memory loss, paraplegic or in extreme cases, paralysis in all four limbs. The 51% of accident victims suffering SCI may notice the symptoms of a spinal injury faster than those who have a non-traumatic injury.  After a traumatic case like a severe fall or an accident, victims should take notes of the following symptoms:
  • Loss of sensation causing numbness in ones hands, feet, toes or fingers;
  • Severe pressure in neck, head or back;
  • Weakness within the body;
  • Incoordination;
  • Difficulty breathing; and
  • No control of bladder or bowel.
If the injured party has established one or more symptoms, then he or she should consult a physician to clarify the cause of the manifestation. If the victim has discovered that they face SCI, then they should immediately seek for treatments. Treatment costs regarding the spinal cord can range, depending on the suffering. Considering that the majority of SCI victims are young adults, the cost to take care of spinal injuries for life start from $1.5 to $3 million. Due to the severe symptoms of SCI, it is best for victims to consult in a personal injury lawyer whom can help get compensations for pain, sufferings, and losses as well as home and automobile modifications.

Claiming a Spinal Injury

Spinal injury claims can deliver beneficial outcomes if done correctly.  When SCI victims issue a claim with the help of a lawyer, they can obtain compensation to treat their spinal injuries or have a smooth transition into their new lives regarding their injuries. SCI victims who have obtained compensation for their claim usually spend the money towards: rehabilitation, assistance services, electrical wheelchairs and day-to-day spending due to unemployment from spinal injuries. Likewise, claims regarding spinal injuries can help SCI in many ways.


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