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Toronto is without question the most fast-paced city in the country, not only in terms of education, medical advancements, and entertainment, but in literal terms as well! Accidents involving bicycle, pedestrian, and motor vehicles have risen to a rate of nearly 6 people for every thousand on the roads and sidewalks. This number is nothing to laugh about. While a simple bump on the head resulting from an accident might not seem overwhelmingly important at the moment it happens, a minor accident may still result in more harmful long-term effects. Brain injury lawyers in Toronto know all too well that what may appear to be a quickly-healed jolt to the skull can actually sometimes turn into long-term disability, and are well versed in getting the compensation you deserve from insurance companies and any other parties involved in your injury.

Are You Covered?

Responsibility for an accident is most often ascribed to the individual who caused it, however, in the case of motor vehicle injuries, there are in fact a number of circumstances in which you may not be eligible to receive financial rewards for your recovery.
Driving Under the Influence – It is illegal and, as we all well know, unsafe to operate a motor vehicle in Ontario while under the influence of alcohol and illegal or prescription drugs. These situations void all claims under the Ontario Insurance Act and could in fact result in prosecution!
Driving Without Insurance – While this should go without saying, there are still some drivers who mistakenly believe that they are covered under some type of insurance, even if they do not have a policy of their own. This is inaccurate. Should you operate a vehicle without valid insurance, not only will you not be awarded a claim, but the insurance company of the other party may in fact bring litigation against you regardless of who’s fault the accident was. This is in addition to any criminal charges that may arise from a local or provincial police services investigation.
Criminal Activity – The old expression "crime doesn’t pay” rings especially true in the case of sustained injuries while breaking the law. For example, should you become involved in an accident while fleeing from the scene of a crime, or if the accident was overwhelmingly proven to be the fault of the other driver, you would still be automatically disqualified from an insurance claim, as virtually all policies state that you are not to use your vehicle for criminal activity.
Brain injuries can cause simple headaches, but if left untreated and allowed to fester, these wounds can result in a loss of liberty and quality of life. Contact a brain injury lawyer in Toronto as soon as possible after an accident to ensure that you receive the compensation you need and deserve so that you can get back to your old self as soon as possible. 
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