How a Car Accident Head Injury Can Affect your Life

How a Car Accident Head Injury Can Affect your Life

Any Head Injury Sustained in a Car Accident Should Be Considered Serious until Evaluated

Have you ever been told that you have a thick skull? Well that might not necessarily be a bad thing. The brain is the most vital organ of the body, completely controlling who we are and what we do. With Transport Canada reporting more than 10,000 serious injuries involving motor vehicles in 2011, a car accident head injury is an all too real possibility. While many of us associate a car accident injury with outward physical trauma, bumps, bangs and knocks to the head, the injuries sustained can be much more severe; they can have serious long-term effects that might not be so easily spotted, but which can nonetheless cause major trouble.

Your Brain and You

You brain controls more than just your thoughts and daydreams. This complex bio-electrical system both consciously and sub-consciously initiates impulses that direct problem solving, personality, movement, breathing, heartbeat and many other attributes that comprise who and what we are. Even a slight head injury sustained in car accident can have lasting consequences if not properly treated, and even then, the damage may sometimes not be reversible.
Motor Skills – Sure, walking may seem like the most natural thing in the world, but it is actually a very complicated process via which the brain sends signals to muscle tissue and stimulates muscles to create movement.  Brain injuries can impact this function and send the wrong signals, commanding you to use your left foot instead of your right, or to walk around in circles. Often times, severe head injury victims will need extensive physical therapy to regain control over their motor skills.
Personality Traits – Many people report that friends and loved ones seem different after a severe head injury. The medical website Psychology Today suggests that damage to the frontal lobe or hippocampus region of the brain causes a disassociation between what one means to do and what one actually does. This damage can also cause mood swings, depression and anger in individuals who may not understand why they cannot function properly or why something as simple as grabbing a glass of water is no longer such an easy, mundane task.
Cognitive Function – This moves beyond affected motor skills and personality traits. Sometimes a person’s understanding of the world and how it functions can be lost, even though everything may seem completely normal to the injured party. For example, while it was once second nature to check both ways before crossing the road, a victim of severe head injury may no longer be able to connect the dots between the road and safety, and may think nothing of walking into oncoming traffic in order to get to the other side. Individuals who suffer from such severe injuries will most likely require care for the rest of their lives.
If you have experienced a head injury due to a car accident, it is imperative that you seek professional legal counsel as soon as possible. Many claims have a statute of limitations which must be adhered to for the case to be heard. Missing these deadlines could result in a limit or outright refusal of compensation benefits.
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