After a Catastrophic Injury in Ajax, Hire an Experienced Professional

If You’ve Suffered a Catastrophic Injury in Ajax, Hire an Experienced Professional


What Is a Catastrophic injury?

It’s a sight that is all too common on Canada’s busiest highway. Traffic volumes have increased on the 401 east and a pile-up has caused catastrophic injury in Ajax. As you inch by on the jammed expressway, you can’t help but look in sympathy – and also wonder what you would do in the same situation.
Catastrophic injury describes harm that is far-reaching in its consequences. Compensation for a sufferer of catastrophic injury goes beyond the minimum benefits outlined in the Ontario Insurance Act. It is absolutely imperative to retain legal counsel in order to ensure that you get the coverage you are entitled.
As outlined by a leading personal injury law firm, Sokoloff Lawyers, catastrophic injury occurs under two main categories.
With brain and spinal cord injuries, a lawyer must first endeavor to understand the effect the accident has had on you. In the case of brain injuries, harm is often very difficult to calculate because it is not easily seen or detected. Changes in an injured person’s personality, memory and judgment are all impediments to a return to health, and must be identified and factored in when making a claim.
A personal injury lawyer experienced in catastrophic injuries will work with family, friends and co-workers, as well as a treatment team to ensure that the best medical and rehabilitative care is taken. The lawyer will make sure the insurance company provides optimal attendant care benefits you now need as well as various other benefits including income, caregiver, housekeeping expenses and other health care costs.

Psychiatric and Post-Traumatic Stress Claims

A psychiatric injury or impairment can continue to impact and often destroy a person’s life long after the accident has occurred.

Post Traumatic Stress is very much in the news these days and, as an area of claim, is becoming better understood. Preparing a PTS claim again requires experience in both detecting and understanding the syndrome ­– and advancing these types of claims on your behalf.


The Right Lawyer


Of course, personal injuries can result not only from car accidents, but from any number of causes, such as slips and falls. However, vehicle collisions are the number one cause and our crowded highways and roads will continue to be contributing factors. The field of personal injury law is similarly crowded and choosing the ideal counsel for your claim can be bewildering.


If you have suffered a catastrophic injury, one of your key considerations will most certainly have to be cost. You should not have to pay for an initial consultation with a lawyer, nor should you be burdened with expenses as your claim wends its way to fruition. Your lawyer should be prepared to take a contingency fee – a pre-set percentage of the eventual settlement you receive, which can range up to $1 million in the event of catastrophic injury.  In other words, you should be at no financial risk in pursuing your claim.


The Greater Toronto Area is a multicultural area and catastrophic injuries know no race or nationality. If your first language is not English, then it is advisable to seek out a law firm that literally speaks your language. Describing the catastrophic injuries you received in that Ajax collision can be difficult enough without having a translation or language barrier.

The Right Lawyer for Bicycle Accidents Resulting in Catastrophic Injury

By Mark

Although vehicle collisions are the number one cause of catastrophic injury, there has been an unfortunate increase in the number of bicycle accidents since people are being encouraged to ride their bikes to work. In nearly every car and bicycle accident, the driver of the car will blame the bicyclist for the accident. Bicyclists are treated as pedestrians in that they have the right of way. But, unfortunately, this does not help if you end up in the hospital with catastrophic injuries. If an accident does happen, it is usually the bicyclist who suffers the most injuries. When a bicyclist is crashed into or run over by a vehicle, it usually results in catastrophic injuries such as head and skull injuries, traumatic brain injuries, neck and back injuries, or spinal cord injuries.


It can be overwhelming if you are a victim of a bicycle accident. Let an experienced lawyer at Sokoloff Lawyers help guide you through the legal and insurance process. The team at Sokoloff Lawyers help people who have been seriously injured and is committed to providing high-quality legal representation for clients. If you have suffered a catastrophic injury in Ajax, personal injury lawyers will assess what options you have for financial compensation, including the insurance company of the car that hit you.

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