A Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Consultation Should be Free

Sustained a catastrophic Injury and Want to Make a Claim?  – Consult a Lawyer ASAP!


Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer – Why, When and Who

If you have a catastrophic injury, a lawyer consultation should take place as quickly as possible. The extent of a catastrophic injury is often difficult to quantify, but can have far reaching consequences, which may surface long after an accident. You need the protection of an experienced personal injury lawyer.
A personal injury lawyer can ask the questions necessary to determine the amount of benefits you will require over the lifetime of your injury. To do so, it is necessary to understand the effect the accident has had on you and your family by comparing it to your life prior to the event.  Additionally, brain injuries are not always easy to assess as personalities and symptoms can change over time as a result. A good personal injury lawyer will be able to assist in setting up treatment programs and rehabilitative care for you.

The Need for Speed

Although your injuries may be daunting, it is still necessary to launch your benefits claim as soon as possible, primarily because personal injury claims have limitation periods that must be met.
An accident report should be filed with the police within 24 hours. If a claim is being launched for benefits under the Ontario Insurance Act, it is necessary to inform your insurance provider within a week of the incident.  In addition to pursuing a claim under the Ontario Insurance Act, there are other avenues open to you: If the other party in the accident was negligent, you can sue for additional damages. Again, there are time restrictions. An experienced personal injury lawyer will ensure those limitation periods are met.
In addition, a lawyer can advise you on what to say, and – more importantly – what NOT to say to the insurance adjuster. Any statement you make will go into your file and could affect future accident benefits and tort claims. It is important to talk to the adjuster only when you are medically able – and don’t do so until you have obtained legal advice. The reason for this is not nefarious. Simply put, you are never on an even playing field with the insurance company. Handling claims is their business, and in all likelihood, this is the only time you will have ever had to do so. A lawyer will also advise you against talking to the insurance company of the party at fault.

The Initial Consultation

It is important that you know that the initial consultation with a lawyer should be free. This is the time for the lawyer to hear your story and decide if your case has merit. An experienced lawyer will know quite quickly if your claim can be won or if you are only wasting your (and his) time pursuing a claim.
Once the lawyer and you have decided to proceed, the question of your costs should be dealt with. Most lawyers will work on a contingency fee basis, which means that they will not charge you a fee or costs while your claim is proceeding. Instead, they will take their fee from a percentage of the eventual settlement. The amount of that fee should be agreed upon at the commencement of proceedings.
A consultation with a catastrophic injury lawyer should be the first step in a journey that will bring you financial peace of mind.

Things To Watch Out For After Catastrophic Injury

By Nola

Being a victim of a mobile accident, it can be traumatizing, confusing and extremely stressful when dealing with the responsibilities in the aftermath. Recovering as soon as possible is what many victims hope for, but this may seem impossible to do with no legal experience and catastrophic injuries.  If you are a victim of a mobile accident and have symptoms of brain or spinal injuries, then consulting a personal injury lawyer is strongly advised. Catastrophic injuries can lead to crucial pains and permanent body damages, which can hinder your chances of receiving benefits in order to quickly recover.

By relying on a personal injury lawyer to assist you in legal accident matters, you will understand what benefits you can receive for your injuries and move forward with an appropriate claim for your sufferings. The courts’ terminology when dealing with accident claims can be confusing for victims, especially for those who have developed post-traumatic stress after the incident. If you notice any of the following symptoms after an accident, then you may have developed a catastrophic injury that needs to be addressed immediately:

  • Loss of sensation causing numbness in one’s hands, feet, toes or fingers;
  • Severe pressure in neck, head or back;
  • Weakness within the body;
  • Incoordination;
  • Difficulty breathing; and
  • No control of bladder or bowel.
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