Why Variants of Concern Could Speed Spread of Virus

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Variants of Concern   All viruses mutate. As viruses spread, they produce mutations, which happens because as a virus replicates, its genes may undergo random "copying mistakes.” These errors in replication can lead to changes in the virus’s proteins or antigens. The mutation ...

Getting Compensation for COVID-19 Long-Haulers

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  COVID-19 Long-Haulers   By now, most of us know someone who has contracted COVID-19. Sadly, some of us have even lost family members or friends to the pandemic. Although researchers, epidemiologists, public health officials, and other experts have been working overtime ...

Keys Strategies for Coping During COVID-19

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Coping During COVID-19   As the isolation enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic approaches the one-year mark, many of us are feeling the effects of the lockdowns. The disappearance of our normal routines, the enforced estrangement from family members and friends, and the anxiety ...