24 Hour Personal Injury Lawyer

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24 Hour Personal Injury Lawyer


"Caring is at the Core of What We Do, Our Work Extends Beyond the Office." 

At Sokoloff Lawyers, we are strong believers in being advocates for our clients by taking the time to really understand their case. Many times when an insurance company denies a claim, people are worried about what the next steps are or they find themselves believing that there are no other options available.
This is where we are different. 
We pride ourselves in offering all our clients help beyond the confines of the office.This is why we are considered a 24 Hour Personal Injury Law Firm. Although our offices may close at a certain time, many of our lawyers work around the clock to help their clients. We provide clients with personalized services, free consultations and attention to detail which offers an additional sense of reassurance. 
Let our team of personal injury lawyers help you with your insurance claims and get you the accident benefits you deserve. 
Don't Put It Off, Call Sokoloff!