Disability Claims Receive Justice by Lawyers in Toronto

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Disability Claims by Lawyers in Toronto


Disability claims can be filed with the help of a lawyer in Toronto, where they will take you through the process so that you can receive financial compensation for your disability.

Your Rights and Responsibilities After Applying for Income Support


You have certain rights and responsibilities after you have applied for income support from the Ontario Disability Support Program.  

Your Rights


  • You have the right to an interview when you meet your caseworker and you can bring anyone that you choose
  • A decision should be in writing, as well as the reasons for why the decision was made
  • If you do not agree with a decision that was made, you can ask for the decision to be reviewed
  • You and your family may be eligible for other benefits such as drug and dental coverage, to help with any expenses

Your responsibilities


  • You will have to meet with Ontario Disability Support program staff now and then; these interviews might take place with or without your knowledge
  • You will need to keep receipts and statements to prove any expenses that you might have such as child care costs, pay stubs, rent or mortgage payments
  • Inform staff about your income, assets and any changes to your living arrangements
  • Be honest and follow all of the Ontario Disability Support Program rules
  • Repay any overpayment that was received

These are guidelines as to what your rights and responsibilities are as an Ontario Disability Support Program recipient. A lawyer can help you file your disability claims, and they can explain more about how the process works. By turning your responsibilities over to a lawyer, your stress will be aleviated, and your case will be in the hands of an expert.