Finding the Right Lawyer to Help You File Your Claims after a Car Accident

Finding the Right Lawyer to Help You File Your Claims after a Car Accident

Summer driving can be particularly fun, because if you have the privilege of being able to drive in your car with the roof down—there’s nothing quite like it! Unfortunately, summer drivers may forget to acknowledge the dangers of driving in the heat and the problems that can occur on the roads. These issues can cause serious motor vehicle accidents, so it's always important to be prepared. Here are a few of the summer driving dangers that the warm weather brings:




Driving while fatigued is a huge problem, and is comparable to drunk driving when looking at the consequences of this poor driving decision. However, the summer heat can make you more fatigued when driving for long hours on the roads. This is why you should:


  • Take a 20-minute break if you are driving over 3 hours;
  • Avoid eating heavy meals and stay hydrated;
  • Take a short nap in a safe place;
  • Avoid eating too much sugar beforehand; and
  • Keep a caffeinated beverage in your car.


These are a few tips that will help you combat feeling fatigued in the summer, and, hopefully, stop you from driving while fatigued.




When the sun is out, it produces a bright glare that can distract you while driving. If you are driving in the sunny summer weather, it’s essential that you:


  • Keep sunglasses in your vehicle (unscratched);
  • Clean the window and remove any smears;
  • Be aware of driving at dawn or dusk when the glare is stronger; and
  • Replace damaged wipers.


These tips will prevent the sun from hindering your visibility, and make it possible to see the road ahead of you.




The summer heat can affect the rubber on your tires, especially if they are under-inflated. This causes more friction and may cause punctures to occur. This is why you should:


  • Check your tire pressure, and ensure that you have the right pressure for a heavy load; and
  • Check your tires for any damage before driving.


If your tire blows-out in the middle of the road, you can cause a serious accident because of the unpredictability of the situation. This is why you need to prepare beforehand, and make sure that your tires are in proper order before attempting to drive long or short distances in the heat.


Filing Your Claims after a Car Accident


If you are involved in a summer accident, a Toronto personal injury lawyer will be able to help you file your claims after the accident and receive the compensation you are eligible for. Filing your claims can be a difficult process if you are unfamiliar with the law and don’t know how to deal with your insurance company. A lawyer will take care of everything for you, while giving you the advice and the expertise you need to feel comfortable and confident with your case. Book a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff Lawyers today, and find the support you were looking for.