Finding The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

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The right personal injury lawyer can make a tremendous difference in your life. If you’ve suffered an injury, learn more about working with a personal injury lawyer.

The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Often, when people are injured, they attempt to deal with their insurance company themselves. They may have been paying for their policy for years; they may have a congenial relationship with their insurance agent or broker, and they feel that because of this, the company will be on their side and obliged to pay fair compensation. However, the insurance business model is profitable because companies work hard to keep client pay-outs low. This means that the minute a claim is received, adjusters at the insurance company begin investigating the accident. An adjuster’s job includes the responsibility to look for ways to deny the claim entirely, or if that is not possible, to limit the compensation paid to as little as possible.

In addition, the paperwork involved with filing a personal injury claim is very exacting, and if you’ve never done it before, it’s very simple to make a mistake that will cause the claim to be delayed or denied. You will need to fill out the forms precisely and attach copies of medical records, police reports, and other documentation. Certain deadlines must be met. When you are injured and already under stress, trying to cope with filing an insurance claim properly can be daunting. And even if you are able to navigate the process and receive an offer for compensation, will you have the knowledge and experience to know whether or not the offer is fair? If you’ve been injured, the best course of action is to work with a personal injury lawyer to get the compensation you deserve.


Personal Injury Law Firms

Some law firms take only personal injury cases. Lawyers at better personal injury law firms have a great deal of experience not only with the insurance system, but also with negotiations, torts law, civil lawsuits, and all of the processes involved. If you have suffered an injury due to a motor vehicle accident, a slip-and-fall, dog bite, or other incident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you to understand the types of compensation that you might be eligible for and guide you through the insurance claims process. A good personal injury lawyer will understand what your case is worth and can advise you about your options regarding a lawsuit. (Although the vast majority of personal injury civil cases settle before they reach court, you will want to know that your lawyer is, in fact, a trial lawyer, and able to take the case all the way to trial if that is necessary.)


A good personal injury lawyer understands that when you have been seriously injured, you may not be able to travel to meet with them. If this is your situation, make sure to find a lawyer who will travel to the hospital, the rehab centre, or your home (In this pandemic era, it may be preferable to meet over Zoom or another online platform). An initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Ontario is almost always provided free of charge, so you can talk to the lawyer and learn more about your options. If you think that the lawyer is a good fit for you, and the lawyer is willing to take your case, you will sign an agreement with them that will specify the percentage of the contingency fee that will be paid. Personal injury lawyers, unlike lawyers who practice in other areas of law, do not usually charge hourly fees. Instead, they charge a contingent fee, which means that they will get a percentage of any compensation that you receive but will not receive anything if you do not recover any damages. This percentage is not usually greater than 33%, and the contingency fee system can be very helpful for clients.


For the injured client, already enduring a difficult time, the fact that the budget will not be further stressed to cover legal fees is helpful. And the client knows that the lawyer believes in the case and will work hard to pursue it, since the lawyer will not get paid until compensation is received.


By the way, if you have a personal injury case, it’s preferable to work with a personal injury lawyer rather than engaging a lawyer who practices in other areas of the law. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows the insurance system, the medical system, and the legal system—and will have the skills necessary to get the best result.


Hallmarks of a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

Most personal injury lawyers practice in this area because they have a desire to help people. A good lawyer on your side during a tough time can make a tremendous difference. These lawyers may be able to suggest different kinds of treatments that will help your recovery or can recommend resources for coping with your new circumstances.


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