Hiring a Dog Bite Accident Lawyer after a Pit Bull Attacks

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Hiring a Dog Bite Accident Lawyer after a Pit Bull Attacks

So you fell in love with a tiny pit bull puppy years ago, and he’s been your cherished side-kick ever since. Unfortunately, despite how well you trained your pit bull and how different he may be from the rest of his breed, the statistics don’t lie. Jesse Ferreras explains that from 1982 to 2013, there were 1,777 maimings for which pit bulls (or similar mixes) were responsible. When looking at dog-related deaths, pit bulls have also been responsible for 51 per cent of these. Dog bite accident lawyers have seen extremely severe cases, fighting for compensation to relieve the victim of their financial stress.


In 2005, Ontario passed a pit bull ban. However, if you owned a pit bull before this period, you are able to keep your dog, as long as you comply with the rules and regulations set out by the Dog Owner’s Liability Act.


Here are a few questions you might be wondering concerning your pit bull:


Is my dog considered to be a pit bull?


The Dog Owner’s Liability Act defines a pit bull as:


  • A Staffordshire bull terrier;
  • An American pit bull terrier;
  • An American Staffordshire terrier;
  • A pit bull terrier; or
  • A dog that has a similar appearance or characteristics that are substantially similar to these dogs.


What if I want to bring my pit bull to Ontario?


The legislation bans all pit bulls, as they are not allowed to be imported into Ontario. If you are found importing a pit bull into the province, you may receive a fine or jail time, while your pit bull can be subject to seizure.


Do I have to keep my pit bull on a leash?


If you are a pit bull owner, then you have to comply with the requirements set out concerning leashes and muzzles. Pit bulls must be leashed and muzzled in public, and must follow sterilization requirements as well. The only time a pit bull is allowed to be off of a leash and muzzle is when they are on enclosed property belonging to their owner.


Do I have to register my dog?


If you have a pit bull, animal control is considered a municipal responsibility, so you should license and register your animal under the requirements that are set by your local municipality.


Hiring a Dog Bite Accident Lawyer


If you are the victim of a dog bite attack at the fault of a pit bull, or any other breed, it’s important that you receive the compensation you deserve in the aftermath. A dog bite accident lawyer will help you with your case, while ensuring that you do not suffer financially. Owners of pit bulls have to comply with certain rules and regulations in Ontario, set out by the Dog Owner’s Liability Act, and it is the responsibility of the dog owner to do so.


A dog bite accident lawyer knows the law surrounding these regulations and will help you to build a strong case after the incident occurs. Book a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer at Sokoloff today, and know you will receive all compensation to which you are entitled.