Looking at Medical Benefits with an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

By Sokoloff Lawyers
Looking at Medical Benefits with an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer

In the dynamo 70’s TV series The Six Million Dollar Man, NASA astronaut Steve Austin suffers debilitating personal injuries after a serious accident. But, with the help of government funding, his injuries end up making him stronger (via the eponymous six million dollars worth of bionic enhancements).


In the real world, outside of TV land, an automobile accident injury will certainly leave you worse off than before −but your medical expenses might still feel as though they cost you six million dollars. Fortunately, as in Steve Austin’s case, the provincial government, insurance companies, and a good auto accident injury lawyer can help you to secure everything you need to hasten your recovery and make you better... stronger... faster.


Medical Benefits: the Basics


Part of the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (i.e. the set of legally mandated accident benefits under Ontario’s Insurance Act), the “medical” benefit actually encompasses a somewhat broad list of expenses. These expenses and services include: medical, rehabilitation, case manager services, and attendant care.


Medical Benefit


The medical benefit covers all reasonable and necessary medical expenses that are not covered under provincial or private health insurance. It includes services like surgery, dentistry, ambulances, chiropractics, psychology, and OT, as well as goods like medication, mobility devices, etc.


Rehabilitation Benefit


The rehabilitation benefit is primarily aimed at aiding victims who have suffered a long-term or permanent disability as a result of their car accident. Defining this can be tricky, and this is one of the many aspects of your case with which an auto accident injury lawyer can help. Rehab benefits can cover things like: social rehabilitation including training, counseling, and home modifications; vocational rehab and academic training; and transportation to and from sessions.


Case Manager Services


If, as determined by the Insurance Act, you have suffered a “catastrophic impairment” you are entitled to payments for an accredited case manager to handle your rehabilitation plan. Determining catastrophic impairment is yet another area in which an experienced auto accident injury lawyer can help.


Attendant Care Benefit


This benefit provides coverage for services provided by an aide/attendant or services provided by a long-term care facility (e.g. a nursing home, home for the aged or chronic care hospital). The attendant care benefit is not payable for minor injuries, as defined in the Insurance act.


Benefits Limits


The above benefits can be awarded based on three categories: minor injuries, non-catastrophic injuries, and catastrophic injuries. Each of these categories has a cap on benefits of $3,500, $50,000, and $1,000,000, respectively. Because of these limits, it is possible that you will not receive enough compensation to cover your medical expenses after an accident. If this is the case, look for a free consultation with a Toronto-based personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you to win your case against your insurer, providing valuable guidance and handling the swarm of information coming at you. Toronto personal injury lawyers can rebuild your case—they have the technology.