Looking for a Dog Bite Law Firm to Assist You after a Dog Bite Attack Occurs

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Looking for a Dog Bite Law Firm to Assist You after a Dog Bite Attack Occurs

You’ve been deathly afraid of dogs ever since you had a bad experience with a pit bull when you were young. You don’t mind small pups, but massive dogs make your stomach turn inside-out. One morning, while on your usual morning jog, a massive dog comes running at you from out of the trees. You fall to the ground shaking and crying, as the owner runs over to gather their animal by their leash. The dog is snarling and snapping at you, but it never touches your skin.


In the aftermath of the incident, you can barely walk down the sidewalk without feeling threatened, you have panic attacks every time you are around a bigger dog, and your emotional stability has been critically affected. Yes—the dog never touched you, but the dog’s aggressive behaviour has scarred you deeper than any dog bite would.


Does a dog bite have to occur to receive compensation after a dog attack?


A dog bite law firm will give you more information on the topic, but in the Dog Owner’s Liability Act it is stated that a physical bite or contact with a dog does not have to occur to apply for damages. Dog attacks can cause psychological and emotional pain, and a victim can receive compensation even if an actual dog bite never occurred. There have been damages awarded to people who have suffered emotional trauma, distress, suffering, nervous shock, personal inconvenience, loss of business opportunity, and other general losses.


Hiring a Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer


A dog bite law firm is the best place to turn to when looking for consolation regarding your case. If you are experiencing physiological and emotional trauma after a dog attack occurred, but there was no physical dog bite, a Toronto personal injury lawyer will help you fight for compensation. Book a free consultation with a Toronto personal injury lawyer experienced in dog bites at our law firm today.