Ontario’s Injury Stats Show the Need for an Accident Injury Lawyer

Ontario’s Injury Stats Show the Need for an Accident Injury Lawyer

An accident injury lawyer knows that injuries of all kinds—be they motor vehicle accident injuries, slip and fall injuries, workplace injuries, or any other—are a very real and very serious problem, not just provincially, but also nationally and internationally. Let’s be realistic: it’s impossible to prevent all injuries on a worldwide scale. But that doesn’t preclude governments and concerned organizations from making concerted efforts to lower the current injury totals, since some of the numbers are staggering.


Injury Statistics in Ontario


Emergency department visits are one of the more common ways to assess the extent of personal injury, since those visits can be easily tracked and analyzed. According to the Institute for Clinical and Evaluative Sciences, injuries in Ontario cause emergency room visits every 30 seconds and hospitalizations every 10 minutes. Furthermore, one quarter of all emergency department visits across the province are due to personal injuries. The leading cause of these injuries is falls, which primarily affect seniors.


Economic Burden of Injury in Ontario


The over 4,000 deaths and over 570,000 annual injuries in Ontario cost the government, and thus the taxpayers, a total of approximately 5.7 billion dollars. Of that expense, approximately 1.9 billion dollars were spent on the unintentional falls mentioned above. It doesn’t take an accident injury lawyer to tell you that that’s a significant, preventable expense.


If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you would hope that, at the very least, every measure had been taken to lessen its likelihood. If these measures were in fact not taken, an accident injury lawyer may be your best option. Look for a free consultation with an experienced Toronto personal injury lawyer after your accident.