Reporting Your Collision: Advice from an Accident Claim Lawyer

Reporting Your Collision: Advice from an Accident Claim Lawyer

Though car accidents are amongst the most common sources of serious personal injuries and fatalities in Canada, the fact remains that a large portion of drivers have never been in a serious car accident and certainly have never consulted with an accident claim lawyer. This leaves many Ontarians bereft of information when it comes to making an accident claim. Fortunately, any accident claim lawyer will tell you that the basics of the process are simple.


Reporting the Accident


If you’ve suffered a personal injury during a motor vehicle accident and need to file an accident claim, you’ll first need to call the police as soon as possible. You’ll then need to contact your insurer within seven days of the collision. Your insurance adjuster will send you a series of five forms which must be completed and returned within 30 days of reception.


  1. Application for Accident Benefits
    • This form must be filled out the first time you apply for benefits. It encompasses all statutory accident benefits available to you, including income replacement benefits.
  2. Employer’s Confirmation of Income
    • For the purposes of calculating your potential income replacement benefit, your insurer may ask you to give this form to your employer. If you’ve had multiple employers within the past 52 weeks, each employer will have to complete this form.
  3. Disability Certificate
    • This form must be completed by your healthcare practitioner as proof of your injuries.
  4. Permission to Disclose Health Information
    • This form grants the insurance companies access to your medical information (in order to correctly determine your eligibility for various benefits).
  5. Treatment Confirmation Form
    • This form is not necessarily required by all insurers, but serves to indicate that you have received the correct treatment.

Clearly, accident benefits involve a whirlwind of paperwork. An accident claim lawyer can help navigate you through the whorls. Toronto personal injury lawyers are adept at securing you the benefits you need after an accident.