Surprising Stats about Sports Related Injury

By Sokoloff Lawyers
Surprising Stats about Sports Related Injury

Despite two genuine, playoff-calibre professional sports teams (talk to us in five years, Leafs die-hards), the Toronto sports landscape comes with a fair dose of hard-knocks. Injuries are pervasive no matter the team or sport, but it just feels like we Toronto fans have it the worst: who knows what would have happened if Brett Cecil hadn’t torn his left calf in the ALDS, and DeMarre Carroll hardly had a chance to prove his $20-million-a-year worth before his knee injury. But at least the pros have access to the cutting edge of sports medicine. As the weather warms up and rec leagues around the city open, your chances of a sports-related injury increase—and you won’t be getting luxury treatment while you’re incapacitated.


Canadian Injury Statistics


Injuries substantial enough to limit usual activities (whether a sports-related injury or any other kind of personal injury) are common in Canada. Between 2009 and 2010 (the most recent year for publicly available data), 4.27 million Canadians, or 15 percent of the population, sustained such injuries.

  • Who gets injured?
    • Adolescents aged 12–19 are most likely to be injured, at 27 percent of the total number. Of these, two-thirds are the result of a sports-related injury.
  • How common are sports injuries?
    • Clearly, sports are a major cause of injury in adolescents. But the general population is susceptible as well: 35 percent of all injuries were an exercise or sports-related injury.


It’s important to keep safe as the weather warms up and we spend more time playing outside. If you do suffer from a sport-related injury, you might not get pro pampering, but a Toronto personal injury lawyer can help you to secure compensation so you don’t waste too much time sitting on the bench.