The Most Common Sports Injuries that Require a Sports Injury Lawyer

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Sports injuries are common, because the nature of sports involves exerting the body to its full capacity, especially in high-level competition. A sports injury lawyer can help a client access any of the necessary benefits in order to speed up the healing process.


Plantar Fasciitis


Plantar fasciitis is a common injury that affects the tendon attached to the arch of the foot. When the tendon becomes strained, it becomes tight and inflexible. This causes extreme pain in the foot, because it needs to stretch constantly, and the injury will eventually cause pain at every step. Massage therapy is a good solution for this problem. Another option is to strengthen the Flexor Digitorum Brevis (FDB) muscle, which helps to reduce strain to the area.


Broken Ankle or Sprain


Another common injury is an ankle sprain or break. This injury is common for a sports injury lawyer to manage because it occurs often. Most sports involve intensive running or leg movement, and this strains the ankle. A sprain often means an injury to the soft tissues or ligaments of the ankle rather than the bone where as an ankle break targets the bone. An ankle break or sprain requires time to heal and massage therapy to strengthen the tissues and mend the bone.


Tearing the ACL


Tearing the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is one of the most common sports injuries and can be a very damaging one at that. The ACL is the ligament that attaches the femur to the tibia in the knee. It is often torn because an athlete will stop and turn too quickly, which stresses the ligament to the point of tearing. This is known as hyperextension of the knee and pushes the ligament to its breaking point. If the ACL is not properly exercised, it will tear, because it cannot manage the tension put on it in extreme running sports where pivoting is involved (such as soccer or rugby).


Tearing the ACL often requires surgery because it is very difficult for the ligament to heal if the ACL is completely ruptured. It is possible though difficult for the ACL to heal if it is only partially torn. The surgery can be expensive, and a sports injury lawyer helps athletes navigate possible resources for the damage in question. ACL reconstruction involves taking a skin graft, most often a patellar tendon autograft which comes from the patient to replace the ACL. This surgery has a 95% success rate but has a long recovery process and involves extensive massage therapy.


Coverage is Important


Coverage for sports injuries is essential, especially if the injury was caused by another player or negligence. 19% of athletes with a torn ACL will undergo surgery a second time and the expenses associated with the injury can be astronomical. It is essential to have the proper means to help these knee injuries, and a sports injury lawyer can help.