Toronto’s Multi-Ethnic Law Firms

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Toronto’s Multi-Ethnic Law Firms


Toronto’s Multi-Ethnic Law Firms


According to BBC Radio, Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world. With almost half of the population of the city born in another country, more than half identifying as “visible minorities,” and with as many as 230 nationalities represented, it’s obvious that our city is a magnet for families from all over the globe. Immigrants have always contributed to Toronto, and the presence of people from so many different countries and cultures gives the city its unique, cosmopolitan flavour. From “Little Italy” on College Street to “Little India” on Gerrard, from Spadina Avenue’s “Chinatown” to “Greektown” on the Danforth, we like to celebrate the foods, music, and cultural heritage of our citizens.


Considering those demographics, it’s not surprising that in Toronto -- in the art gallery, on the streetcar, at a restaurant, at the ballgame, or any of the other places Torontonians like to gather – you can hear people speaking different languages. The City of Toronto notes that there are over 180 languages spoken in Toronto, and 79 multilingual publications available to city residents. Of course, the vast majority of these speakers are also fluent in English, and some are also fluent in French. But according to a 2018 Toronto Star report, approximately one in twenty Torontonians speak neither English nor French, which means that more than 132,700 Toronto residents are unable to have a conversation in either official language. (About 43% of these identified the Chinese language as their mother tongue, followed by: Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Tamil, Vietnamese, Korean, Persian, Russian and Arabic.) In addition to these numbers, there are many people who do speak one of Canada’s official languages, but who are much more comfortable communicating in their original language.


Legal Services


Most times a family member will help out when someone is unable to communicate in either English or French, and of course, interpreters are available to help people to navigate most governmental agencies and with healthcare. Sometimes, though, people need legal advice. When seeking legal advice, it’s important that you make yourself completely understood to your lawyer. Communication between lawyer and client is key!


Communicating with your lawyer is especially crucial when it comes to personal injury cases. In these types of cases, small details can be very important when building a case. Having to work through any kind of lawyer-client language barrier may be an impediment to getting clients the compensation they deserve.


Fortunately, in Toronto there are some personal injury law firms that offer services in a number of different languages. These firms may employ lawyers of various ethnic backgrounds who work well with clients who are more comfortable communicating in their mother tongue.


Choosing a Lawyer


In Toronto, most personal injury law firms offer a free consultation. This means that you can meet with a lawyer to discuss the particulars of your situation, and the lawyer will be able to advise you about how to proceed. There will be no charge for this first meeting.


Another feature of personal injury law cases is that generally, personal injury lawyers will not ask for payment up front. If they take your case, you will sign an agreement that states that a certain percentage of any compensation you receive will go to the law firm. This means that you will not be out-of-pocket while you pursue your claim.


When you have suffered an injury, you may be at a low point in your life. You may be in pain, depressed, unable to work, or feeling sidelined while you try to heal. A good personal injury lawyer can be a great support for you and your family at this time.


Potential clients should research Toronto law firms online, and see which firms offer the language services that will be most helpful for you or your family member. Set up some consultations, and see whether or not the lawyer who comes to the meeting is right for you.


Here are some things to consider when choosing a lawyer:

  • Location. Is the lawyer’s location fairly easy for you to get to? If you are not yet healed enough to travel, will the lawyer come to where you are?
  • Experience. Has the lawyer had plenty of experience with personal injury cases like yours?
  • Reputation. Do you know anything about the lawyer’s reputation? Does he or she come highly recommended by a friend, relative, or co-worker?
  • Trial Experience. Often personal injury cases are settled before they go to court, but you always want to have a lawyer with trial experience on your side in case your case goes to court.
  • Communication. Do you feel that the lawyer is understanding your situation properly? Do you understand what he/she is telling you? Does he/she listen to you and answer your questions?
  • Medical Knowledge. Does the lawyer seem to understand your medical condition? Does he/she have good general knowledge of the effects of your injury?


There are plenty of multi-ethnic personal injury law firms in Toronto that are available to help you, no matter which language is your preferred method. If you or a family member has been injured in an accident, don’t hesitate – contact a personal injury lawyer today.