The Principle of No-Fault Benefits

The Principle of No-Fault Benefits

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Photo cred:     Are You Entitled to No-Fault Benefits?   After a car accident, everyone who is injured in the accident is entitled to receive No-Fault Benefits. Despite the name, “no-fault” does not mean that after an ...

Get Help From a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Toronto

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Seek the Help of a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Toronto   A motorcycle is the ultimate symbol of freedom and independence. It has also developed quite the reputation for its drivers being risk-takers and ‘bad boys’ (or girls, of course). One thing is certain, however: whether ...

How to Manage a Sports-Related Injury

Exercising on a regular basis is fundamental to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, sports-related injuries could easily occur for various reasons. Age, fitness level, and level of activity all play a key role in determining if you are at risk of experiencing an injury. The ...

Know When to Contact a Sports Injury Lawyer

Sports are meant to be fun, but when a serious injury occurs, and a person’s health and physical capabilities are impacted, there should be appropriate compensation. Of course, the main concern should remain on the injured person’s health, but there is undoubtedly the lingering question ...

The Basics on Sports Injury Compensation Claims

Serious sports injuries do not only happen to professional athletes, they are an everyday occurrence that could happen every time a person steps on a court, field, track, or rink. A sports injury can be debilitating and cause a multitude of negative impacts on a person’s life. Sports ...

Sport Injury Claims Receive Justice with Help from Lawyers

The Dangers of Sports   Sport injury claims are due to the 35% of Canadians being injured while taking part in some sort of sport or physical exercise. Young adults ranging from the ages of 12 to 19 are prone to physical injuries, nearly 66% to be exact.  Likewise, 9% of ...

Spinal Injury Lawyers Take on All Legal Matter for Victims

How Many People Are Suffering from Spinal Cord Injuries?   Spinal injury lawyers are mainly contacted by the 35% of 900 spinal cord injured accident victims a year. Likewise, lawyers deal with spinal cord injuries (SCI) from all victims whether it is from the 80% of males who ...

Spinal Injury Claims Change the Lives of Suffering Victims

Discovering a Spinal Injury   Spinal injury claims are often casted once a victim has discovered the symptoms of a spinal cord injury (SCI). SCI can derive from many activities such as car accidents and dangerous sports like football.  In fact, studies have shown that in ...

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer On Your Side

Spinal cord injury can be a life-changing ordeal, altering the way victims lead their lives on a day-to-day basis. While it is difficult to accept that there are not only physical impairments in regular functioning, there are also financial and social impairments as well. Even if ...